Sunday, August 29, 2010

A-Team visit - Part 2

We arrived at Riverwood around lunch time, and everyone was oh so happy to get out of the car and stretch. Jboy wasn't too sure about all the strange people awaiting hugs and hellos so he stuck pretty close to Mommy while she unloaded the car. Uncle Brian got down to greet the munchkin, but Jboy wasn't quite ready for hugs.
His sister on the other hand was ready to run and stretch and play ball with Cousin Jinu and Auntie Laura.
The back yard provides lots of running room for those little legs...
and she covered it from one corner to the next...
and even ventured over to the side yard. Jinu tried to follow on hands and knees at one point...
but we soon coaxed them back to the main yard where we could keep an eye on them from the kitchen window.
We let them run and play until lunch time so they could work up a good appetite.

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