Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snow Baby

First romp in the snow, and I don't think Smudge had a lot of fun. She could hardly walk in her boots, and each time she lost her footing she couldn't get back up. Grandpa rescued her and took her off the deck and down to the lawn to play in her little house.
That wasn't much better. There wasn't as much snow on the lawn, but the wind was fierce in this less protected area and Smudge only lasted about two minutes before she burst into tears and wanted to go in the car for a ride!
Seeing as the roads were rather icy, that wasn't about to happen, so a tearful baby was promptly brought back into the house. Temperatures are supposed to rise tomorrow, and the winds might abate, so we will try for another playtime in the snow then. I will let you know how it goes.

Royal Treatment

On our early morning trips to Smudge's house, this trio brought smiles to our faces on many of them. After a week or so of seeing them every morning, I got my camera out to take a picture as we drove by, but they weren't walking that day, or the next, or the next. I kept trying to get a picture, but we were either later, or there were early. I eventually gave up.
Imagine my delighted surprise the other day when I was out walking with Smudge, to see the trio coming towards me. I stopped and asked if I could take a picture, and they were more than happy to oblige. The little guy is getting the royal treatment isn't he? What a hoot!

Hope they bring a smile to your day too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Gone

This is what greeted us at the park on our last walk there. Yes, the colour is all gone.
A few leaves are hanging on, but after the snow we had last night, I am sure they are all gone too.
Our shadows are waving bye-bye to Autumn. Winter has arrived.
Hope to post some snow pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grandmaman's Visit

Mommy went on a little holiday this past weekend, so Grandmaman came to help Daddy babysit. Smudge thought this was great fun, as lots of time was spent snuggling and playing with Grandmaman.
I grabbed the camera to get a picture, and Smudge soon had us all in hysterics with her antics. When she saw me with the camera she scrunched up her face in a phony smile and hammed it up for the camera. What a hoot. She has never done this before and we all thought it was quite funny.
When we all started to laugh at what she was doing, she looked at us as if to say "What? Am I not supposed to smile for the camera????
Here she is pulling the same face for a picture with Daddy. Goodness she was funny.
Oh Smudgester. You do make us laugh and brighten our days. What a cutie you are.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's the Little Things

A big event at our house on Thursday's is a visit from the garbage truck. As soon as Smudge hears it coming down the street she races to the front window to make sure it is the garbage truck and not a school bus, then she wants to go outside to get in on the action. On these cold mornings we have to put a hat and coat on before she goes out on the side deck to get a closer look.
Then she come back inside and rushes to the front door to see it stop in front of her house. The garbage men know her now, and always wave. Lately then have even made sure they raise the drum and put the truck through its paces for her.

Finally, I got a picture of Smudge with the little pumpkin we bought for her at the store the other day. She tried to lift all the big pumpkins and couldn't budge any of them, so she was quite excited when she found one she could manage. Somehow it ended up coming home with her.

Smudge Lesson for the Week - It's the little things in life that bring the greatest joy. Look for them all every day. Don't let any of them go by unnoticed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snack in the park on a windy day

It was very cold and windy today so we didn't make it all the way to the park on our walk this morning. It is cooler and windier down by the water even on a mild day, so we stayed away on this frosty morning. We didn't stop at all to take pics this morning, hence these older ones from last week. I had to post something for you Smudge fans, and these were ready and waiting!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helping with the housework

After she has drained the last drop of juice from her juice glass...
and the colouring is finished... is time to help with the housework. She has her own little pint-size broom and dustpan, but that won't do. She has to have Grandma's broom.
So guess who gets to use the small broom! Yep, you guessed it - me!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Shopping

We took The Smudgester shopping the other day, and she was a busy busy bee in all the stores. She had to say hello to everyone she passed, and jabbered up a storm the whole time we wheeled her through the stores. She sure brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces that day. What a cutie.

When we let her down to check out this pumpkin display, she had to try to lift every one within reach. Not one of them would budge, but she kept trying. Finally we came to another display of little pie pumpkins and she found one just right for her little hands, and carried it all around the store.
It was fun to go pumpkin shopping with this Little Pumpkin.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Sunny Day at the Park

I know this colour won't be around for much longer, so I thought I would post a few more pictures I took at the park last week. I just can't help myself, this time of year is so beautiful.

As you can see, it was a cloudy day, but the sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds and made for the most marvelous colour and light show.

Oh autumn. My favorite time of year.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Music at the Mill

We were treated to another sunny day on Saturday, so we grabbed our hiking boots, warm jackets and hot coffee, then hit the walking trails at the Mill of Kintail.
As we walked along we thought we could hear strains of music filtering through the trees, but the brush is pretty dense in some areas, so we couldn't see anything at first.
But, around one bend in the path we happened upon these fiddlers enjoying the sunshine in a clearing beside the river. As we got closer AC discovered that he knew both of them from the Celtic Jams he has been attending in town. We stopped and chatted, then sat on a log and listened for awhile. Other hikers stopped to listen too, then continued on their way. Before we left Bob passed his violin to AC and asked him to play a tune. AC obliged, and sounded great I might add.

What a unique place the Ottawa Valley is. Music is everywhere, and we love it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nice surprise

Just before we set off on our Riverwood trip we stopped at the mail box, and there was a parcel waiting for me there. Oh joy, what could this be? It isn't my birthday or close to any other special days. What could this be? I didn't open it right away, because I like to pinch and squeeze the parcel, ponder the contents, try to guess what it is, and why it was sent, before I open it. There was a return address, so I knew who it was from, but that didn't give me any hints at all.

After the car was packed and we were about to set off, I opened the box and discovered this cute little necklace inside from D3's mom. She has one just like it, and when she saw this one in the airport gift shop on her way home after the wedding she bought it for me, to celebrate the fun we had over early morning cups of coffee during her stay with us.
Isn't it cute? It warmed my heart, and when I wear it I think of E and the fun we had celebrating our girl's wedding.
When my sister saw it on the weekend she said
"Cuppa, what a perfect necklace for you!"
I think so too.
As you can see from the paper clip beside it, it is just a tiny thing, but magically large enough to hold all the wonderful memories surrounding the most beautiful wedding, and bring them all flooding back each time I wear it.

Thank you dear sister-of-the-heart! I love it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Total Fun

I am home this morning to catch up on a few things so I have time to post a second blog for all you Smudge fans going through withdrawal this week. Enjoy.

Some colour on our walk to the park.

Once we got to the park we saw lots of colour on the ground too. Smudge was warmly tucked in her stroller, but she wanted OUT!

So Grandma obliged and Smudge had a blast.

Then it was time to be bundled back into the stroller and go the water's edge for some juice and a cookie.

One last shot before heading home.
Total fun!

Smudge Lesson for the Week - Get out there and scrunch some leaves under your feet while there is still time. It is total fun!

Road Home

We were treated to another sunny day for our trip home from Riverwood last weekend, and it made for some nice shots all along the route. Multiply the colour by about 100 and you will have an idea of how magnificent it was.

Mile after mile...
...after mile...

...after mile...
...of breathtaking views. What a treat!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saturday Morning Walk

Saturday morning dawned sunny and cool, an absolutely perfect morning for a walk down the Old Logging Road. Yahoo! After a hearty breakfast we donned hiking boots and warm jackets, grabbed our cameras, and set off for a hike.

Zeus is patiently waiting for us at the beginning of the path. The dogs love these morning walks, and travel about ten miles to our one! They dash off into the forest, but soon come back to see where we are, make sure that we all keep to the same path, then they dash off again.

We soon joined Zeus for a leaf crunching, spirit lifting, soul refreshing walk.

Treebeard and AC were busy with cameras while Turtlestack and I sauntered and chatted.

We are certainly studying something intently here aren't we? I think it might have been some animal tracks. Treebeard is a great guide on these forest walks, and always has lots of forest lore to share with us.
AC and I found this most delightful prehistoric character waiting for us around one of the bends in the path. She was kind enough to pose for a picture with me. Wasn't that nice of her?
AC had to get down on the ground to take the picture, and while down there both dogs joined him for a little rest. I quickly grabbed the camera to get a shot of him with his furry buddies.

We switched from the Logging Road to the Riverside Ramble path and feasted our eyes on scenes like these all along the path.

At one point along the trail Turtlestack and I found a comfy seat to sit and rest awhile on. I think we were discussing how this would be a perfect spot for a Tim's kiosk. Treebeard said he would get right on that! Zeus joined us for the conflab, and a good time was had by all.