Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumn walk at the Mill of Kintail - Part 4

We stayed at the fishing spot for quite a while, then it was time to make tracks back to the car.
More tightrope walking first though.
She marvelled at the height of the trees...
and asked Buppa if she could climb one. He found one that he thought would be a suitable height for her, and helped her climb it.
Ah, conquered it she did.
Looks pretty pleased with herself too doesn't she?

Time for Buppa to help her down...
and continue the walk back towards the car.
She was a tired but happy little munchkin when we got back to the car. I think she slept well that night. I know I did. I am already looking forward to our next walk at the Mill. Will be sure to post a pic or two when we do.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn walk at the Mill of Kintail - Part 3

Now that I have run back and forth across the bridge a few times Amma, let's throw more leaves into the river...
now lift me up so I can see better.
This is what we could see from this spot on the bridge. Pretty huh?
We left the bridge and continued on our walk. It was slow going though because we had to stop at each little bench ...
so Smudge could be a tightrope walker.

She then found this perfect stick, and decided that it was time to go fishing.
Amma took her down to the water's edge...
sat her on a rock, and she went fishing.
She really wanted to get her feet in the water, so Amma had to stay close at hand to make sure she stayed on dry ground.

I think this picture says it all. She was having a grand and glorious time.
So was Amma.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn walk at the Mill of Kintail - Part 2

It was time to walk with Amma again while Buppa was busy taking pictures.
We soon happened upon this little old house in the forest and it was a neat place to explore.
Smudge stood on the front porch and was maybe wondering who used to live here. Perhaps the Gingerbread Man or Snow White.
She is a little rascal who wouldn't pose for Buppa. The imp!
Amma went inside the house with her and helped her peek out the window at Buppa. Now that's a nice smile.
We continued on down the trail and found this Fairy Ring beside the water. Smudge danced and clapped and spun to see if she could get the fairies come out and play with her, but I guess they were all sleeping or out doing errands that day because we didn't see any fairies at this magic ring...

or at this one. Maybe next time they will make an appearance.
We continued on down the path to see if we could find any more magic fairy rings.
We didn't see any more, but we did find this nice deck overlooking the river so stopped to check things out there...
before setting off along the path again. Time to pick up a stick or two...
stop on the bridge to throw leaves into the water and watch them float downstream.
then run back and forth across the bridge a few times before continuing on our way.
Lots more to come tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn walk at the Mill of Kintail - Part 1

After Smudge had Saranella's hair fixed to perfection she thought she would take Buppa and I for a drive! Yes, this is what I saw when I came out of the house. The rascall.
She thought she was pretty smart sitting in the driver's seat. Ready to take us on a big adventure. Is sixteen really just around the corner??
It was such a beautiful fall day we made tracks for the Mill of Kintail to explore the walking trails there. Smudge was raring to go...
but she made lots of stops along the path to check out leaves, sticks, stones, moss, mud and many other interesting things on the ground.
She waited for me to catch up with her, took my hand for a while...
then ran ahead of me for awhile.
Next it was Buppa's turn to hold her hand...
and of course take lots of pictures.
Amma took many pictures too.
We stayed on the trail most of the time...
but did venture off now and again to get a closer look at the water.
This is what we were looking at in the picture above.
Then it was time to pick up the trail again and run to catch up to Buppa.
What will we discover next?
Stay tuned for more pictures of our adventure tomorrow.