Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kelli Trottier and Greg Simm are in the house

This is a very musical area, and we often hear of house concerts being held in various homes, but have never attended one. AC got wind of one being held really close to us by an artist that he knew and enjoyed so we bought tickets and put the date on our calendar - September 17th at 7:30pm. Hmmm, what would it be like?

I wore comfy clothes in case I ended up sitting on a cushion on the floor; the brochure said to bring our own drinks, but snacks would be provided, so we stopped at Tim's for a coffee and we set off on our adventure. We didn't know exactly where we were going so we ended up arriving a few minutes early. We could see the lake at the end of the street, and not wanting to be the first to arrive, we decided to drive to the shore and sit by the water until a more appropriate time to knock on the door.
I am so glad we did arrive early and were able to enjoy this treat by the water as an introduction to a most enjoyable evening.
Beautiful huh?
We eventually arrived at the house and were greeted by this sight. Lots of comfy chairs, a warm atmosphere and familiar faces. The couple on the couch have made an appearance in this blog before - Music at the Mill - here. There was seating for 30 people and we had lots of room to spare. No sitting on the floor for us tonight.
AC and I found our seats and settled in for an evening of music.
Kelli Trottier and Greg Simm warmed up their instruments and soon treated us to a fabulous evening of music.

The lighting was low and not the greatest for pictures or videos, but I did take a few to try to capture the flavour of the evening. The instrumentals were toe tapping...

and the vocals delightful.

Thanks Kellie and Greg for a fabulous evening.

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