Thursday, September 09, 2010

A-Team visit - Part 13 - Hammocks

Smudge wanted to swing in the hammock, but couldn't do it herself as she had trouble keeping her balance. I thought she might have better luck if she sat across it instead of lengthwise in it, and that is how AC found us after lunch one day.
Smudge kept rolling into me, and was almost asleep when she heard Buppa whispering to me.
She opened her eye, spied Buppa...
and had to sit up and talk to him. She looks rather frazzled doesn't she? Eventually Buppa went on a picture taking expedition and Smudge and I settled back into the hammock.
She fell asleep...
and I managed to climb out without dumping her on the ground, and sat beside her and read while she caught up on her beauty sleep.
Ahh, a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon at Riverwood.


Anvilcloud said...

She's cute when frazzled. Like you, however, she's cute all of the time.

Lorna said...

I am truly amazed at your ability to either capture wonderful moments or to stage them.

Cuppa said...

AC - ah you old sweetie!

Lorna - my camera is always at the ready! I think I drive the family crazy at times because I am always taking pics. In this particular instance though, it was AC who had his camera out and was there to get the perfect shots.