Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn walk at the Mill of Kintail - Part 2

It was time to walk with Amma again while Buppa was busy taking pictures.
We soon happened upon this little old house in the forest and it was a neat place to explore.
Smudge stood on the front porch and was maybe wondering who used to live here. Perhaps the Gingerbread Man or Snow White.
She is a little rascal who wouldn't pose for Buppa. The imp!
Amma went inside the house with her and helped her peek out the window at Buppa. Now that's a nice smile.
We continued on down the trail and found this Fairy Ring beside the water. Smudge danced and clapped and spun to see if she could get the fairies come out and play with her, but I guess they were all sleeping or out doing errands that day because we didn't see any fairies at this magic ring...

or at this one. Maybe next time they will make an appearance.
We continued on down the path to see if we could find any more magic fairy rings.
We didn't see any more, but we did find this nice deck overlooking the river so stopped to check things out there...
before setting off along the path again. Time to pick up a stick or two...
stop on the bridge to throw leaves into the water and watch them float downstream.
then run back and forth across the bridge a few times before continuing on our way.
Lots more to come tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Bernie said...

A real cute imp she is cuppa, what a pretty spot you visited....:-)Hugs