Monday, November 30, 2015

Back in business

I have been unable to access pictures for the last week or so, but I am back in business and ready to deal with a backlog of pics from the ATeam visit, and other things.  So, let's get started.

Loved a snuggle with my girl in her Chewbacca Coat.  She changed jobs this past year, and her old staff bought this coat for her as a parting gift.  How neat is that?

We enjoyed taking the ATeam on a tour of our small town. 

JJ is a Starwars fan, and he thought Auntie Ally's coat was pretty great.  I love this picture of them walking down the road together.

Time for another hug by the water's edge.
JJ didn't want to stay up on the hill.  He wanted to get right down to the water's edge and get his hands in the flow.
Catching up to the rest of the gang on our walk.  Dani fell and hurt herself, so we sat and rested for a while until her ankle felt better.  She was soon up and running again.

Mom and the girl enjoying the walk
Lots of gabbing along the way.
Ally venture up on the overpass, but the kids wanted to join her up there, so they didn't stay long.  I stayed down below and kept a watchful eye on them.
Down by the river there is a house with this mural on the garage wall.  Danica joined the man in the mural for a picture. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fun and Games with the ATeam

We sure do keep busy when the ATeam is in town.
The Aunties brought some neat games with them, and one and all had fun play them.  This is what I saw when I walked into the house on Saturday morning. 
Shopkins are a big hit with the kids, so the Aunties entered into the fun of drawing them and naming some of their own.
Danica looked up something on her tablet, and looked so cute doing so I had to take a picture.
Auntie Ally and Emmie spent quality time together
Then it was back to game time with the kidlets. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Aunties came bearing gifts

I don`t know how they knew, but they did, and the Aunties hit the nail of the head with gifts for the munchkins.
Danica`s nail art kit and pink lip gloss was a big hit.
JJ couldn`t wait to snuggle into his Skylander blanket and then get hugs from Auntie Alycia
The lip gloss was the perfect colour
Getting set for her manicure
Auntie Alycia gives the best manicures ever.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello Again

I`m back, after a whirlwind couple of weeks getting ready for the ATeam visit, enjoying the visit, and then going into recovery mode once they were winging their way back to Vancouver. 

What a treat to be on the same side of the country with them again, if only for a long weekend.  We shared lots of hugs, stayed up later than late playing games and catching up on all the news, then were up again early the next day to cram as much visiting as possible into one short weekend. 

Real hugs are the best. 
When it was time to meet the school bus, the girls went to the bus stop instead of us.
JJ wasn`t sure what he thought of the welcoming committee, but Danica was thrilled, and soaked in the hugs.
Once inside the house though, JJ soon warmed up and loved showing Auntie Allyson his favorite bag of toys.

It was a walk down memory lane for Allyson, as they were all her old toys. 

And so the fun weekend began. 
Time to go look through some more pictures and see what I have for another blog this week.  Stay tuned....

Thursday, November 05, 2015

October PA day 2015

We were gifted with beautiful weather for our PA day with the kids, so we ventured out into the sunshine for the afternoon. 
The beginning of our walk along the river in Almonte
The water was swirling, and the view of it from the bridge looked like artwork. 
The kids loved throwing stones into the water
The climbers climbed
Little boys and trees just perfect for climbing are drawn together
The girls relaxing by the water while Buppa kept an eye on JJ in the tree.
More exploring
Time for a rest, but I had to keep a close eye on them, as the other side of this wall was a steep drop into the river.

Time for another picture before heading back to the car
If something can be climbed on, then we must stop and climb on it.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

After school quiet time

Tuesdays are busy ones with the munchkins.  Dani has dance class after school, and JJ has hockey, so AC and I scramble to feed them supper as soon as they get off the bus, then get them ready for early pick-up and drop off.    I rush out the door to drop Dani off at class, while AC waits at home with JJ and his hockey gear for pick-up.
I need to work some magic to get Dani's short hair into a bun which is the only acceptable hair style for her ballet class.  I somehow manage to get all the short ends in place, while she works on a craft.   OK, she is all set to go,
JJ concentrates on his craft and awaits daddy's arrival.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Getting ready for the Maskeraid Parade

At Halloween, our small town has a Maskeraid parade to provide some fun for the kids, and aid the local food bank at the same time.  We are all instructed to dress up, bring canned goods to the parade, and at one point during the parade, people go up and down collecting the food donations. 
When we arrived to pick up the kids, we discovered them checking things out on Dani tablet.
Cute little pumpkin head
It was a cold windy night, so we opted for winter coats and boots.  I am glad we did. 

Little Miss Sunshine, even on a dark and windy night.
The kids met friends at the parade, so they went across the street to join them, and we kept a watchful eye
The girls sure had sun dancing and carrying on.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Keeping Buppa busy

The kids arrive full of energy and enthusiasm each morning to await the school bus.  We don't have much time before the bus arrives, so I keep craft supplies at the ready to entertain them for the half hour wait time. 
JJ likes to work with someone, so if I am not playing "spot the difference" with him, Buppa follows JJ's instructions on how to colour a picture.

Dani is quite happy to work on her cursive writing sheets, then tackle the activity book on her own, while Buppa and JJ colour..