Friday, July 31, 2015

Helping make dinner

The kids came over one night for dinner, and I asked them if they wanted to help get the food ready for a BBQ.  They both jumped at the chance, so I set them up with plates at the kitchen counter and they went to work.
Danica is chopping onions for the burgers, and JJ is separating lettuce.
Didn't she do a fabulous job.  Lots of tears, but she stuck to it. 
Time to chop the tomatoes
Good job kids.  Thanks for the help

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Danica's 8th BD afghan

Danica came over the other day and informed me that she was not happy with me not posting pictures of her with her new afghan.  So, here they are - better late than never.    We had to dig back into the April pictures, but AC found them lickey split, and here is the girl posing with her 8th BD afghan.
Dani matches perfectly doesn't she.
Ah, so nice to snuggle into.
Still adding a few extra rows to the length so it will still keep her toes and nose warm at the same time when she is a teenager. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hello again....and other things.

I know I have been absent from this blog for many months, but I finally gave up on trying to post pics to my blog from my iPad, and went back to my camera.

This past weekend we visited family, and enjoyed a delightful day with them in their most beautiful location right on the water.
Doesn't the house look cozy and comfy all nestled in the shade of the big old trees.  It was a welcomed sight when we drove down the street.

This is the view right across the street from the house, and it is perfect for swimming in the summer, skating and skiing in the winter.    Mom and daughter were in the "pool" when we arrived, enjoying a quick dip to cool off before company arrived.

After hugs and hellos, we walked over to the park at the end of their street.  It was a hot humid day, but the breezes off the lake cooled us down nicely and it was a most enjoyable walk.

We were surprised to find an old graveyard in one corner of the park.   First residents of the area, and their stones still stand. 

We ventured away from the water's edge to tour the rest of the neighbourhood, and it was a HOT walk, once we weren't being treated to the lake breezes.
We soon came to the water's edge again, and enjoyed the view and the breeze.

Back to the house for a tour of the back-yard and garden.  It was a lovely mixture of flowers, veggies and fruit trees.   The house blocked the breeze off the lake, and the day was too hot to stay in the yard for long, so we soon made tracks for the cool shade in the house.
Dinner was served, and I don't know which was more delicious....the view or the meal.   Both were amazing.

After dinner coffee and dessert were served on the front deck, and I drank in coffee and view with relish.
View from the front deck.
Matt had a turn with AC's new camera, while we talked late into the evening, and watched the sun set on the lake. 
The kids were in and out of the house, and added a bright spot to the visit.   Lukas was out and about  on his bike with his friends for most of the day, so we didn't get a picture of him.  Sigh.   Rosie was a championship jumper, and we did manage to get many action shots of her doing her thing.  Cute, cute, cute.
Thanks for the warm hospitality and fun visit.  We look forward to seeing you again soon at RW.