Saturday, March 26, 2016

Winter Holiday at RW - 2016 - Part 1

Goodness life got busy, and this blog got a bit dusty didn't it?  Since I was last here, we squeezed in a short trip to RW to get in some snowshoeing before the snow melted, and then headed straight into a week of babysitting the kids during winter break week.  I have lots of pictures to sift through, so let's get started.
On our first afternoon at the farm we ventured down to the Playner Mill to see what was happening down there.  Lots of snow had drifted in, and the doors were snowed shut, but I did manage to get a picture from the outside looking in. 
I love this coat on AC.  He is easy to spot on the snowy trails if he happens to stop to take a picture and lags way behind us.
Time to stop for a sister-hug.  We sure had fun walking the wintry trails.

No swimming down at the old swimming hole today
Brian let us on a merry walk off the path and through the woods.
He got us back to the farmhouse safely though, and it was time for a hot drink and a cookie or two.
Elu looked cute in her blue booties, but this is the best picture I could get of her.  She seemed a bit camera shy.
One of Heather's journal pages in progress.  During a recent visit we went shopping together, and this is her journal page about that visit.  It is fascinating to watch her work on these pages. 
Brian caught up on his sleep after one of his many walks in the woods.