Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More here than there, but going there soon...I hope

It has been over two weeks since I last posted something, but it hasn't been because I haven't tried. January doldrums set in when we had to cancel yet another trip to Riverwood because of rain, and any creative thoughts I might have had in my head seemed to melt away with each raindrop that fell. I started a few blogs, but let them die a merciful death and didn't even attempt to post them – dull, dull, dull.

When words wouldn't gather in any sort of fashion on the page, I busied myself crocheting a new afghan to curl up in on cold winter afternoons, and when I tired of that, I ran away into a good book. And so it is that I reached the end of rainy January and now I have great hopes that February will be cold and snowy.

We actually had snow today instead of rain, so things are looking up. We have tentative plans to leave at the end of the week for our snow holiday, so I am starting to gather things and make ready for the trip. Yahoo!

AC and I splurged on an extra large Café Mocha this morning and took it to the park by the water. We sat silently in the warm car sipping our delicious chocolaty coffee while our eyes drank in the beauty of winter all around us. I turned to AC and said "this is like a vitamin pill for my soul". He nodded his head in agreement and we continued to sit there in silence, while we gulped down a big dose of this winter tonic. MMMMM good.

Here, take two "teaspoons full" and wash them down with a cup of hot chocolate and see if you don’t feel better too.

Wherever you are today – here, there or somewhere in-between – I hope you are treated to some of nature's "winter tonic" and it lifts your spirits too.

Open your eyes and drink deeply.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Neither here nor there...

We were supposed to be at RW this week enjoying a winter holiday in the snowy north, but the mild wet weather put a stop to that, so here we sit at home feeling at 6's and 7's, not knowing what to do next. I am neither here nor there and can't quite settle in to do anything constructive right now.

I seem to enter a different frame of mind when I am at RW. I have books lined up to read, blogs to write, poetry to savour, painting projects to do, long walks in the woods planned and lots of time set aside to sip hot chocolate and just gaze out the window while I contemplate life and find solutions to all the problems facing the universe. Oh I do cherish my time spent in the magical air at the farm during winter. I am trying to make the best of being at home instead of there right now, but this mild rainy weather is watering down my energy and the dull gloomy days are flooding my life with lethargy.

I woke up to the sound of freezing rain hitting the bedroom window this morning and now strong winds are beating a steady rhythm of winter on the walls of the house. Maybe, just maybe a change in the weather is coming and will bring with it a breath of fresh energy. One can always hope.

In the meantime I will just have to make my own sunshine on this dull January day. I picked up my book club selection for February from the library yesterday, Thomas King's "Green Grass, Running Water," so I think it is time to make a pot of tea, pour myself a steaming cup of the brew and curl up with my new book. Yes, that seems like a nice sunny thing to do.

Hope you find a way to make yourself some sunshine on this dreary January day too.

Talk to you all later.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Do you see me too? This was the series of letters I was given in order to post a comment on a blog today. It made me chuckle because I have been invisible in blogdom lately. Yes, things have been busy in my world with travel to Riverwood and back home again, company coming and going, taking the Christmas decorations down, getting into the groove of the new year and now preparing the house for an extended absence and packing to go back up to Riverwood again for our winter holiday. Lots going on around here, but alas, no writing. The old laptop has been sitting idly in the corner gathering dust while I scurry here, there and everywhere getting all the things on my "to do" list done. I am so looking forward to long snowy days at Riverwood with lots of time to sit and write and read.

It is a snowy day here in our little corner of the world and I have a few quiet minutes this morning, so I thought I would try to read a few blogs and at least say hello and let you know that I am still here. Norma tagged me, lots of new people have stopped by to say hello, old friends have visited too, and new blogs have been posted by almost everyone. Oh joy, lots of reading to do – when I have more time.

For now, let me just wish you all a very Happy New year. May all your hopes and dreams come to you and may your life be full of …"life" in 2006.

Talk to you all from Riverwood next week.