Monday, August 31, 2015

Bridge Street Bazaar and other things

Now that I have worked my way through all the pictures from the Dragon Ball, I am scrambling for pictures to finish off this week.  We are on holiday for the rest of the week, but the weather has been so rainy every day, we have been housebound, and my camera has been relegated to the back seat of the car, gathering dust back there.  Sigh!

We start another tour-of-duty with the kids this week and then school starts for another year the following week.  Where has the summer gone?

I heard geese flying overhead the other morning, and hints of colour are appearing in some trees in the area.  Yes, the season is about to change, and autumn will soon be here in all it glorious colour.  Yahoo!  I do love this time of year full of warm sunny days, cool nights,  and colour, colour, colour.

Seeing as I will be busy with the kids next week, I decided to get a head start on my seasonal decorating changes this week.  All my summer colours in the living room and dining room were packed away so browns and golds could replace them.  These colours will stay until the end of October when red and green will take over until after Christmas.   I like to do this with the changing of the seasons as it makes the place seem fresh and new, even though the knick-knacks, cushions, table cloths etc, are the same ones I use year after year. 

I even got out my bag of wool last night to sort through it, and will soon pick out my fall and winter crochet project, then go on the hunt for the perfect wool for said project.  Sing along with me... And the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down.......

Here are a few pictures I found in the bottom of the pile from the Bridge Street Bazaar earlier this summer. 

This one booth featured bird feeders fashioned out of old teacups glued together.  Very creative and might look pretty tucked in the corner of a garden.
I resisted the urge to buy a bird feeder, but soon found a few other items that tempted me to dig into my wallet.
The best part about attending a local event is meeting good friends along the way.
My artist friend looked lovely and cool in her flamboyant blue hat.   It was a very hot day, and I wish I had worn my hat too.
I don't know how faithful I will be posting blogs this week as we will be busier than busy with the kids, but I will do my best to post something.  Stay tuned....

Friday, August 28, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Misc Part 2

A few more odds and ends to finish off the week.

What's a Dragon Ball without a ball toss at the end of it.

Masked dragonettes

Bedtime story with Auntie Heather and Uncle Brian.
On Sunday afternoon some of us gathered in the stage area, and chatted about dragons,while other members of the family went swimming.  Frances had a fabulous book all about dragons, and  Rosie was quite interested in it. Auntie Heather was more than happy to explain a few things to the wee lass.
I love the way Rosie pulled her chair up right in front of Heather, and they had a good old conflab about dragons. 

Others looked on with interest, but Rosie had the best seat in the house.
A girl and her dog enjoying a snuggle.  I wonder if Simba has a touch of dragon blood in him?  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he had.

Well, that really is it.  The picture file is empty and summer is drawing to a close.  We have one more week of babysitting with the kids next week, and then it is back to school for them, and back to a routine for us.  I am enjoying using AC's old camera, so I am sure I'll have more pics to post soon.  Hope you come back and visit from time to time.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Misc 1

OK, time to empty the file folder and post the rest of the misc pics from the weekend.  Everybody had their cameras at the ready for most of the weekend and happily snapped and snapped and snapped. 
Petra trying to get that perfect shot
The kids found this sleigh in the shed, and thought it would be fun to go for a ride.  They soon found out it didn't slide as well on grass as it did on snow.

Just another shot of the stage area.  It looked so pretty with the streamers blowing in the wind.

A relaxing moment with Andrea and Simba.  Can you tell I was one tired Granny at the end of the weekend?
Love this picture of Heather enjoying a giggle.  We sure do laugh a lot when we get together
Time for a snuggle with the girl.
These two were so cute together.  Rosie is 4 and Gemma 3.  Rosie's fair silky hair, and Gemma's dark curly tresses were such a compliment/contrast to each other.
Just a pretty picture
I am not sure if Simba is smiling or not, but Andrea and AC look happy to be having a visit.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dragon Balll 2015 - Sunday morning

Ah, Sunday morning, the relaxin' side of the Dragon Ball.  Time to gather together in the old farmhouse and sift through the memories of yesterday's fun. 
Frances and Gemma shared some quiet time in the porch.  I think Gemma is munching on Cherrios.
The boys got together on the couch in the kitchen.
The menfolk got busy in the kitchen making a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Yum!
After breakfast some of us needed to catch up on our sleep after such a hectic day yesterday.
As we moved into the rest of the day, we made the most of those last few moments together.
Lots of hugs were given all around
Life IS beauty'Full indeed.

Already looking for the next adventure.
So, that's it folks. After breakfast, families started to pack up for the trip home again.  By early afternoon the Dundas branch of the family was on the road, and the Kingston and Ajax branches soon followed. We stayed until the next morning, but were on the road  bright and early. 

It was a fun and fabulous weekend, but I needed to go home for a long,long nap by Monday morning!

I will sort through the rest of my pictures, and maybe post a blog with a few odds and ends tomorrow. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Saturday evening.

After dinner we all headed down to the Playner-Mill for dancing and general hilarity.
All the lanterns were lit, and they gave the Playner-Mill a magical glow as the sun set on a fun day.
Outside the kids ran and played in the grass all around the Mill.
Inside the music played and the dancing went on long into the night.
The kids never stopped, but the adults lounged and relaxed from time to time.
Night fell all around us, but inside the Playner-Mill candles burned brightly and we partied on.
The screened in windows kept the bugs out, but let the beauty of nightfall in.
The kids had a blast dancing around with the dragon head. Here we see Lukas in the lead but JJ and Rosie are close behind
JJ in one of the masks he made at the afternoon craft party. That is one great mask JJ.  Did Mike help you with that?
Danica has a turn dancing with the dragon head.
The stage area looked so pretty at night fall.
The stage was still all lit up when we came back up to the old farmhouse late that night, and the sight of it added to the magic in the air all around us. 
And so ended the Dragon Ball.  It was a VERY hot, and busy weekend, but many happy memories were made and I will treasure each and every one.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Talent Show - Saturday afternoon

One of the main events at the Dragon Ball Weekend was the talent show held Saturday afternoon.  It was a very hot day, but we put our chairs out under the big shade trees, and enjoyed the show.  As you can see from the streamers there was a nice breeze so that helped cool things down a bit.
After everyone was seated in the shade under the big trees in the yard, the  Dragon Mistresses stood in the stage area and welcomed everyone to the event.  They looked lovely, and did a wonderful job with the welcome, and the introductions of each act.
The first act of the day was a magic show put on by Lukas and his most competent assistant, Rosie.
Different members of the audience were asked to come up and help with the act.  Here we see Danica trying to guess which cup the treat is under.   Great act Lukas.  Well done Rosie.
The crowd was thoroughly entertained, and clapped loudly for each act.
The next act to perform is JJ, Amma and Buppa to lead us in a rousing sing-a-long of Puff the Magic Dragon
It was difficult to read the words with that mask on, but JJ did a good job, and Puff the Magic Dragon never sounded so good.
Next up was an interpretive free-style dance by Danica.
She lost her shoes, but like a pro, she kept on dancing and did a great job.
Rosie really got into the swing of things, and did an impromptu act called "Running away from the boys."
After the Tuckers were thanked for hosting the event,  and everyone else was thanked for traveling great distances to get there, the Grand Finale was introduced.
And in came the dragon!!!!   Mike is in the lead, next came Brian, then Sarah, Heather, Gemma and Jyn. 

What total fun
Once the dragon was in the stage area, all the dragonettes joined in the fun, and danced around in the dragon costume.  It was big enough for everyone to join in. 
Dragon Happy faces
Dragon silly faces
Dragon jumping faces.
Post show relaxing and visiting
The guest of honour was a big hit. 
Next up....the Dragon Ball.  Let the dancing begin.