Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Misc 1

OK, time to empty the file folder and post the rest of the misc pics from the weekend.  Everybody had their cameras at the ready for most of the weekend and happily snapped and snapped and snapped. 
Petra trying to get that perfect shot
The kids found this sleigh in the shed, and thought it would be fun to go for a ride.  They soon found out it didn't slide as well on grass as it did on snow.

Just another shot of the stage area.  It looked so pretty with the streamers blowing in the wind.

A relaxing moment with Andrea and Simba.  Can you tell I was one tired Granny at the end of the weekend?
Love this picture of Heather enjoying a giggle.  We sure do laugh a lot when we get together
Time for a snuggle with the girl.
These two were so cute together.  Rosie is 4 and Gemma 3.  Rosie's fair silky hair, and Gemma's dark curly tresses were such a compliment/contrast to each other.
Just a pretty picture
I am not sure if Simba is smiling or not, but Andrea and AC look happy to be having a visit.

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MARY G said...

In the shot of you and Andrea your eyes and mouths look so alike. Tired mom and grandma faces, I suspect. But it is lovely to see you together.
That was some party! Congrats.