Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Friday night fun

Friday is drawing to a close, and we are awaiting the Dundas branch of the family to arrive safely.
The Kingston cousins are all smiles to be here, but....Petra stood outside the door, as she was too cold in the air conditioned front room. 

We convinced her to join us for a glass of wine, but.....she needed a little something else to warm her up.  Cute huh?

Yes, the old farmhouse was bursting at the seams with aunts, uncles, lst cousins, and 2nd cousins.  What a rollicking good time for all.
Father and son having a confab on the couch in the kitchen.
Cousins getting to know each other, while this old Auntie indulges in a glass of wine.

We settled the kids in the front room to watch a movie, and the adults moved out to the kitchen for a quieter visit.
Two cuties watching a movie
The rest of the kids stretched out on the couch while we waited for the last guests to arrive.
Awwww, here they are.  The Dragon Mistresses happily greet each other, then pose for a picture  with Aunt Petra.  Smiles all around.
The rest of the family is being introduced to Simba, a furry but cute guest from Dundas.
The head of the Dragon Society is all smiles to be at Riverwood.  She is holding a dragon she crafted herself out of clay.  It was an amazing sculpture, but I didn't get a very detailed picture of it.  Take my word for it, she did a great job.
The head of the CP chapter of the Dragon Society also had a dragon craft to add to the weekend.  She did a most amazing drawing.  Sorry we can't see the detail in it either.  I'll try harder next time.
Gathered around the kitchen table for breakfast early Saturday morning. 
Waiting for their turn at the kitchen table.
While the kids gather around the kitchen table, the adults like to sit out on the front porch with their morning coffee.
This is the quiet before a busy busy day gets under way.  Dragons be warned....the fun is about to begin.

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