Friday, August 21, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Day 2 and 3

Sadly on Day 2, Ben and Mary had to pack up and leave before the rest of the gang arrived for the official Dragon Ball festivities to be held Saturday afternoon and evening. 
Heather was busy sewing the dragon costume, so Ben and Mary joined her for a quiet visit before hitting the road.
Over in the stage area Buppa and Dani were busy trimming the trees, and raking the lawn to get everything ready for the talent show to be held there on Saturday afternoon.  After the area was all groomed, we strung white lights all around the stage and seating area, then added coloured streamers.  I'll post a picture of  the finished product soon.
From this vantage point you can see the stage area, and just to the left of the curtain you can see the roof of the Playner-Mill off in the distance. 
Mary and I spent most of one morning making tissue paper pom-poms to decorate the Playner-Mill.  Here they are awaiting the decorating crew.
While we worked on pom-poms Heather continued to work on the Dragon costume.  The head is finished, but now she has to attach the body. 

Over in the Playner-Mill, things were starting to take shape.  The lanterns were strung with crystals and hung up ready to add sparkle and light to the evening Dragon Ball
Many hours were spent sorting and stringing crystals.

The Kingston branch of the family tree arrive on Friday afternoon, and enjoyed a refreshing dip in the swimming hole after the long hot drive to the farm.

The cousins had lots of room to run and play for the rest of the day,
Creative sword fight

Once again we see Farmer Tuck busy in the kitchen preparing to feed the hungry dragons.

The Dragon cake is all ready.  Before it was cut, we added sparklers so it looked like the dragon was breathing fire. 

So we continue to move through day 3.  We keep busy with preparations for the Ball, while we await the arrival of the Dundas branch of the family tree.  Lots more pics to come.....  

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MARY G said...

In love with the cupcake dragon! And with the adults having as much fun as the kids.