Tuesday, August 18, 2015

And so it begins - Dragon Ball at Riverwood 2015 - Day 1

Wednesday dawned sunny and bright, and excitement was running high as we prepared to set off for Riverwood to attend the first annual Dragon Ball. 

We were traveling to the farm with the kids, and Shauna wouldn't join us until the weekend for the fun.  Yikes! 
With two adults, two kids and all our camping gear, the car was jammed packed with stuff.  The car was so full,  JJ had to travel with his sleeping bag under his feet, but he was quite comfy.
We left just enough room for Buppa to see out the back window, and there wasn't another inch to spare.
Time to hit the road.  Buppa is all set for the 3 hour drive
Dani looks comfy too

JJ on the other hand doesn't look pleased t all.  Maybe it's the sleeping bag.
Three hours later we arrived at the farm, and were greeted by this sign.  Oh my, it was going to be a fun filled weekend for sure.
The Tucker Inn was ready for some dragonish guests
This weekend, we were all dragons
AC said I have over 1000 pics on my camera memory card, so I have lots more pics to share, but I must do a major sorting job first. At least it is a nice cool job to do during this HHH week.  Temps are up in the 40's so sorting pics whilst I sit in air conditioned comfort will be just the ticket.

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