Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Saturday evening.

After dinner we all headed down to the Playner-Mill for dancing and general hilarity.
All the lanterns were lit, and they gave the Playner-Mill a magical glow as the sun set on a fun day.
Outside the kids ran and played in the grass all around the Mill.
Inside the music played and the dancing went on long into the night.
The kids never stopped, but the adults lounged and relaxed from time to time.
Night fell all around us, but inside the Playner-Mill candles burned brightly and we partied on.
The screened in windows kept the bugs out, but let the beauty of nightfall in.
The kids had a blast dancing around with the dragon head. Here we see Lukas in the lead but JJ and Rosie are close behind
JJ in one of the masks he made at the afternoon craft party. That is one great mask JJ.  Did Mike help you with that?
Danica has a turn dancing with the dragon head.
The stage area looked so pretty at night fall.
The stage was still all lit up when we came back up to the old farmhouse late that night, and the sight of it added to the magic in the air all around us. 
And so ended the Dragon Ball.  It was a VERY hot, and busy weekend, but many happy memories were made and I will treasure each and every one.

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