Thursday, December 31, 2009

Misc Christmas Eve Pics

We sure missed the A-Team and Grandmama this year. We took lots of pics to include them in the festivities though. Enjoy! Dad and D1 taking time for a hug before we sit down to eat.
Mom needs a hug from D1 too.
Everyone is getting into the act.
My Christmas baby really enjoys this season.
Mom and D1 taking up the same pose. It is quite a job to get dinner on the table. Maybe pizza WOULD be a good idea. Hmmmm?
Jboy and Amma sharing a moment.
He is starting to wave at people now, but of course wouldn't perform for the camera.
Story time with Smudge...
Then an after dinner walk with Jboy.
Cute huh?
He can walk on his own, but prefers to have a hand to hold onto. I don't mind lending mine at all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Li'l Miss Santa

I know a lot of these are repeats, but I thought Grandmama in Montreal would like to see more. Enjoy!

Completing the Outfit

Queenmothermamaw guessed right. Yes, Smudge did want a beard and mustache? We were NOT prepared for that request but managed to come up with something that made her happy. We cut up a cotton cleansing pad, put some lotion on it so it would stick to her face, and made a beard and mustache for her.
Here she is checking herself out in a mirror.She approved of the additions and soon got busy with other things.
The beard and mustache kept falling off, but each time they did, she would ask that we put more lotion on and reattach them. What a kid!
It would have been nice to get some family pics without them, but cute with them nonetheless.
She does bring the sunshine with her wherever she goes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve - part 3

Mommy made some last minute adjustments to Smudge's outfit while Jboy looked on.
Looking pretty cute I must say.
Jboy is all decked out too and posed for a pic with Daddy,
then it was Smudge's turn.
Too bad we didn't think to close the curtain behind the kid's in this pic.
As cute as Smudge looked in her outfit she had one problem with it. Can you tell from the worried look on her face and the placement of her finger what it was?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve - part 2

We celebrated the big feast on Christmas Eve this year. When we arrived at the kid's place with all our duds to spend the night, Thesha had the veggies in the oven and we soon got the turkey, stuffing and gravy ready to add to the feast.
The kids were sure happy to see us and tag teamed Buppa as soon as he sat down.
Smudge thought she would help out by adding pizza to the menu.
Jboy wasn't sure what he thought of that idea.
Mommy had a chat with Smudge
and so did Amma, and Smudge finally agreed that turkey and stuffing would make a better Christmas dinner than pizza.
We set the table while the dinner cooked, and then it was time to change into our party clothes.

Christmas Eve

I have a mountain of Christmas pics to climb over, tunnel through or just work around. I will start off with two simple pics of Christmas Eve. Buppa is reading A Night Before Christmas to all of us. Smudge is really into the story this year but Jboy just wanted to snuggle with Mommy.

What sweet memories we made this year. Hope you did too.

Just a word of warning to folks who want to pass on the pics. I'll post some Christmas morning pics tomorrow and keep 'em coming all week long. As I said, I have a mountain of 'em.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chillin' with the Grands

We are busy celebrating Christmas with family, so I will be away from the computer for a couple of days. Here are a few catch-up pics to tide you over until we get home with some new pics.

Smudge having a snuggle with Buppa on the couch.
Then it was time to make a blanket of tissue paper for Buppa.
Jboy needed a snuggle too. He is looking a bit bewildered here and has very rosy cheeks. I think he is cutting another tooth.
We both look rather weary in this pic don't we? Getting ready for Christmas does tire one out!
Merry Christmas All! Talk to you again on the relaxin' side of the holiday.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Dec 09

My Christmas baby celebrated a BD this weekend and it was nice to share the festivities with her and her precious family.
The girls are getting ready to check out the presents. What fun!
I guess Smudge has had enough and is off on another adventure. Maybe checking out the BD cake.
My goodness there sure were a lot of presents to open. Amma had to sit and rest for a while.Ah, these are the best presents of all! BD smiles all around.
Yes, Smudge was checking out the BD cake and I think she approves of what she found.