Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rosy Cheeks

Buppa and I finally felt energetic enough to go out and do some Christmas shopping today. After our trek to a store or two we stopped by to visit the munchkins. When we arrived on the street, the kids were out playing in the snow at a neighbour's house. As soon as Smudge saw us she ran all the way down the street with glee to greet Buppa. It warms this old heart to be greeted like that.
There was a very cold north wind careening down the street, so both kids had rosy, rosy cheeks by the time we arrived. Jboy was bundled up, but not being able to run around to keep warm, he was starting to look rather chilled. Time to head for home to warm up.
I think Smudge's little friend was sad to see her go,
but Smudge was ready to make tracks for home. She wanted to ride in Jboy's stroller, so Buppa pushed her home while Amma carried Jboy.
Soon after the snow gear was stripped off, Smudge settled in at the counter for a snack and Jboy had a snuggle with Buppa.
Mmmmm, so nice to warm up after a romp in the cold snow.


Jinksy said...

Brrr....'s no joke, snow!

Cuppa said...

Jinsky - It was sooo cold yesterday. The wind was bitter and went right through you. BRRRRRRRR!
I dress light when I am just going to the car and then into a store, so I wasn't prepared for the blast of freezing air when we walked down the street to see the kids. I don't think I have yet warmed up!

Bernie said...

The children look so happy and I know you and Buppa heart's would fill with joy at that wonderful reception from smudge....brought a tear to my eye. We are warming up a bit in Alberta and I am loving it......:-) Hugs