Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Completing the Outfit

Queenmothermamaw guessed right. Yes, Smudge did want a beard and mustache? We were NOT prepared for that request but managed to come up with something that made her happy. We cut up a cotton cleansing pad, put some lotion on it so it would stick to her face, and made a beard and mustache for her.
Here she is checking herself out in a mirror.She approved of the additions and soon got busy with other things.
The beard and mustache kept falling off, but each time they did, she would ask that we put more lotion on and reattach them. What a kid!
It would have been nice to get some family pics without them, but cute with them nonetheless.
She does bring the sunshine with her wherever she goes.

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Bernie said...

I agree, she certainly is Lil Miss Sunshine and looks so cute in her Santa outfit......:-) Hugs