Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh oh...

Someone took a huge tumble onto the concrete and did a number on his nose and upper lip!
Thank goodness he didn't break a tooth, so toast and peanut butter was still his request for lunch,.
I am also thankful it didn't happen under my watch. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dragon Walk

It was a cold but sunny day after JJ's sleepover, so we bundled up and set out on a walk before we took him home for the day.
He quiet often lags behind us, but on this day he was full of energy and running ahead of us for most of the walk..

He stops to climb on the drain pipe...
...then he is off and running again.
What's this...another drain pipe?
Let's see what's inside it.  Do you think it could be a dragon?
Oh, what's this?  Maybe the dragon lives here.  Or perhaps the Big Bad wolf.
Oh my, another interesting hiding place.  Listen to the sound of rocks dropping into the water Amma.
What could have made this hole in the sidewalk?
I wonder if I could balance on this shadow line? My shadow can balance on it too.
Will these buds really turn into leaves Amma?
What could be going on beyond this hole in the fence?  Do you think it is for dragons?
Oh, I am sure wolves eat here.
Can you see me Amma?
Is this a dragon egg?
Do dragons drink here?

And on and on it went for the whole walk.  What a chatterbox!  It was a fun walk though, when you have a four year old for a guide!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

JJ's Sleepover

While sister had three of her friends over for a birthday sleepover, JJ came to our house for a sleepover.  
He was very excited about that.
Of course we had to go to the $Store for a sleepover treat, and JJ picked out these handy dandy night vision googles. Cool huh?
After dinner he settled down on the couch to watch a Robin Hood video.
Then it was story time with Buppa...
...before crawling into bed.
All tucked in with Harmony Bear.
In the morning he had fun playing with his new Police man toys.
Then it was time to get dressed...
...and pack his suitcase and get ready to go out for a walk. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Opening presents

After dinner at Boston Pizza, we headed home to open presents. 
Dani was all smiles...
...but little brother was not a happy camper.
He wanted a present too, and felt rather left out. He dried his tears when I told him that we brought him a present too, but his lip began to quiver when he discovered that it was only a book and not a toy.
His face crumpled into tears again as he hugged his book. Oh dear, I think the boy was over tired, and nothing was helping at this point.
Dani opened her gifts...
while Daddy comforted JJ.
We didn't know what the girl needed for this BD, so we gave her a bag of books.  She seemed thrilled with it.
The bead kits from Auntie Krista were a big hit too.
She intently read each card.
By the look on her face, I think the Ken doll from Mommy and Daddy was a big hit.
Yes, she does seem a tad excited.

She was going to have a sleepover party on the weekend with three of her best friends from school, so she got a new pair of PJ's for the big event.  Cute huh?
Happy Sixth Birthday Danilouwho!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birthday Dinner

After school on Dani's BD, we loaded up the kids and headed into town to meet Mommy and Daddy for her BD dinner.  She choose Boston Pizza for the feast.
I don't think she knew that Buppa was taking a picture of the gang on her side of the table.
JJ enjoyed sitting between Buppa and Mommy
After dinner, the waitresses arrived at out table singing Happy Birthday, and had a chocolate sundae gift for Dani.  She was thrilled.
It was finger lickin' good.
After dinner it was time to give Mommy a big hug
Then it was Amma's turn.
She was wound up to say the least.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Fairy Princess

Danica turned Six this past weekend, and I have a few pictures of the celebratory festivities to share with you...just a few. She is really into fairies this year, so we added a few gifts with that theme.  Six is such a magical age isn't it?

I don't know if one of her school friends told her about the Tooth Fairy web site or not, but she is enthralled with it.  She has her very own Tooth Fairy, and they email back and forth to each other.  Buppa printed up a special cover for her Tooth Fairy binder, and she keeps all her emails in it. 
Her she is hard at work on Amma's computer, typing a note to the Tooth fairy.
She has to ask for help with spelling from time to time, but mostly manages just fine without any help from us.
After her note was finished, we took her out for  breakfast as a little pre-party celebration. She does love the fruit smoothies at Tim's.
She was thrilled with the Fairy magazine we gave her.
And even though she is only in kindergarten, she could read the stories without any help from us.

More stories and pictures to follow tomorrow...stay tuned.