Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Fairy Princess

Danica turned Six this past weekend, and I have a few pictures of the celebratory festivities to share with you...just a few. She is really into fairies this year, so we added a few gifts with that theme.  Six is such a magical age isn't it?

I don't know if one of her school friends told her about the Tooth Fairy web site or not, but she is enthralled with it.  She has her very own Tooth Fairy, and they email back and forth to each other.  Buppa printed up a special cover for her Tooth Fairy binder, and she keeps all her emails in it. 
Her she is hard at work on Amma's computer, typing a note to the Tooth fairy.
She has to ask for help with spelling from time to time, but mostly manages just fine without any help from us.
After her note was finished, we took her out for  breakfast as a little pre-party celebration. She does love the fruit smoothies at Tim's.
She was thrilled with the Fairy magazine we gave her.
And even though she is only in kindergarten, she could read the stories without any help from us.

More stories and pictures to follow tomorrow...stay tuned.

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Lorna said...

As always, cute to infinity