Friday, April 26, 2013

Dragon Walk

It was a cold but sunny day after JJ's sleepover, so we bundled up and set out on a walk before we took him home for the day.
He quiet often lags behind us, but on this day he was full of energy and running ahead of us for most of the walk..

He stops to climb on the drain pipe...
...then he is off and running again.
What's this...another drain pipe?
Let's see what's inside it.  Do you think it could be a dragon?
Oh, what's this?  Maybe the dragon lives here.  Or perhaps the Big Bad wolf.
Oh my, another interesting hiding place.  Listen to the sound of rocks dropping into the water Amma.
What could have made this hole in the sidewalk?
I wonder if I could balance on this shadow line? My shadow can balance on it too.
Will these buds really turn into leaves Amma?
What could be going on beyond this hole in the fence?  Do you think it is for dragons?
Oh, I am sure wolves eat here.
Can you see me Amma?
Is this a dragon egg?
Do dragons drink here?

And on and on it went for the whole walk.  What a chatterbox!  It was a fun walk though, when you have a four year old for a guide!

1 comment:

Hilary said...

Inquisitive and active little guy. I think I'd be dragon my behind around trying to keep up with him.