Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Party - cont'd

We arrived at the party room early to take some pictures before everyone else arrived.
Proud Mommy with her little Princess.
Hugs from Daddy
Snuggle with Buppa
Just plain cute with Amma
Mommy working hard in the kitchen stopped for a pic with Amma
Soon the main attraction arrive...a real live Princess.  Yes, Sleeping Beauty, in person, arrived to spend some time with all the little girls at the party.   As you can see, she also brought along her special party totes full of surprises for the girls.
This Princess didn't pay any attention to our cameras, she focused in on the girls only, and let the other activities happening around them in the room, go on without a blink from her. 
Danica was enthralled with Sleeping Beauty.  Here she is getting a Happy Birthday hug from her favorite Princess.
The Princess included all the little girls in her talks, but she mainly spoke directly to Danica. She gave Dani all sorts of extra attention as it was her BD celebration.
Sleeping Beauty soon got into her bag of treats, and the girls waited in excited anticipation to see what she had hidden there.
No words needed here. 

The first thing to come out of the magic bag, was a book.  Before the story began, Sleeping Beauty asked each  little girl what their favorite book was.   Here she is asking Danica.  Danica thought for a moment and then said "Right now my favorite book is the dictionary.  I enjoy reading about the meaning of all sorts of different words."  I bet that is the first time Sleeping Beauty ever got that answer to this question at a party for 7 year olds.

All the other little girls had a chance to answer the question too.
Some little girls wandered over to the snack table from time to time...
But most of the time they sat paying close attention to the Princess.

After stories and other activities each little girl could choose a princess dress of their very own to wear for a while.
Then it was time for a break to get a snack and wander around for a bit.
Next came the princess make-up. 
The smile when Danica saw herself in the magic mirror tells it all.  She was over the moon pleased.
We left after this point in the party, and it went on for another hour or more.  Sorry we don't have any pictures of the music play, or Danica getting her special Princess tiara and certificate proclaiming her an official Princess.  The fun just never stopped for these little girls.  Mommy was a bit knackered when she got home though. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Party

Danica wanted to invite every little girl in her class at school to her birthday party so no one would feel left out.  Space at home would be a problem with that plan, so Mommy and Daddy rented the event room at the local grocery store, and that meant there was lots of room for everyone.   Yahoo!
A very special BD cake for a special Princess.

I think Danica was pleased with the cake.

Just outside the room was a neat view of the grocery store.

The early arrivals  lined up at the window to look for other guests arriving. 

The snack table was visited often while the girls waited for the festivities to begin. 
 What a sweet group of girls Danica has in her circle of friends at school.

Everyone was asked to sign this canvas, and draw a picture on it when they arrived. 
I love how everyone signed in a line....until this creative little girl arrived. 
I admire her creativity and unique style.  The others soon followed suit, and added colours and pictures too.

Let the party begin.....

Monday, April 28, 2014

Surprise Birthday lunch

AC and I surprised the kids at school during lunch time the other day, and took the kids out for lunch to celebrate Dani's 7th BD.   Dani got to choose the place...and of course it was McDonald's.
Buppa got a big thank you hug from the girl, and a happy smile from the boy.

Amma got a snuggle.

JJ enjoyed his dessert

Dani in the box!

After lunch, Dani took us over to the grocery store for a sneak-peek of her party room.  Both kids enjoyed the view of the parking lot from the  huge windowed wall in the room

They thought this mirror used for cooking demos was really neat.
Sweet sweet memories.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring colours

It's a joy to walk into the grocery store these days.  The riot of colours and the fragrance are a welcome gift to this winter weary soul.    Breathe deeply, and use your imagination to catch a whiff of the fragrance seeping out of these pics.  Enjoy. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's this?

AC came in from the mailbox the other day with this big padded envelope under his arm and surprised me when he said it was for me.  I was shocked.  It wasn't my birthday, no other special day had come and gone, and I hadn't ordered anything on-line.  What could it be?  I looked at the return address, and it didn't mean anything to me either.  Curiouser and curiouser!

I opened the parcel and found this beautiful hand knitted shawl inside with a little business card saying "Inspired by Life.  Created by Hand    Go....Create Something!" 
AC finally told me that this was hand made by a blog friend of his, and he knew that it was coming.  This man likes to knit, and he knew I liked shawls... so... the rest is history. 
It made my day, and warmed my heart.  Thanks Jim.  I do love capes and shawls, and will wear this one with a special joy because of its "out-of-the-blue" surprise arrival. 
Pretty nice huh?  I love it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We decided it was time to have a picnic lunch in the park, so we stopped at Tim's for coffee and a sandwich, and headed over to our favorite spot.  If the wind kicked up a fuss at the water's edge, we would sit in the car while we munched our lunch.  Oh joy, our first picnic of the year. 

What a surprise we got when we drove into our parking space and discovered the park flooded. 
The geese were having a good time, but we stayed warm and dry in the car. 
All the trees in these pictures are usually on dry ground.
This tree sits at the water's edge, not in the middle of it!  Sheesh.