Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Party

Danica wanted to invite every little girl in her class at school to her birthday party so no one would feel left out.  Space at home would be a problem with that plan, so Mommy and Daddy rented the event room at the local grocery store, and that meant there was lots of room for everyone.   Yahoo!
A very special BD cake for a special Princess.

I think Danica was pleased with the cake.

Just outside the room was a neat view of the grocery store.

The early arrivals  lined up at the window to look for other guests arriving. 

The snack table was visited often while the girls waited for the festivities to begin. 
 What a sweet group of girls Danica has in her circle of friends at school.

Everyone was asked to sign this canvas, and draw a picture on it when they arrived. 
I love how everyone signed in a line....until this creative little girl arrived. 
I admire her creativity and unique style.  The others soon followed suit, and added colours and pictures too.

Let the party begin.....

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