Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy bees

I know blogs have been scarce this past little while, but life has been busy, and time has zoomed by at break-neck speed.  How did we get to the middle of April already?  With the snow storm that blew through here yesterday, it seems like January!

Today is an at-home day, and neck pain is at a low ebb, so it seems like the perfect time to post a picture or two, and say hello. 

JJ had a sleepover a couple of weeks ago, and these first two pics are from when back then.  He did enjoy playing with Auntie Ally's old lego blocks. 
He thought the old action figures were fabulous.
Everybody on board and ready for adventure.
Before school the other morning Danica was hanging around before heading out to catch the bus.
Dani's 7th BD is coming up this weekend, so I am sure I'll have lots of pics to post next week.  Stay tuned.

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