Wednesday, September 30, 2009

After Dinner Stroll

After sitting in the airplane for hours and hours, we were more than ready for an after dinner stroll along the waterfront. Althegal is a Batman fan, and being ever young at heart loves to wear her new Batman jacket - including cape and hood with bat ears - whenever she can. Here she is, ready to take flight while dad looks on. What a fun time we had each and every day with our girls.
This is where our after dinner stroll took us, all along Sunset Beach over to English Bay. The scenery was/is absolutely, fantabulously, breathtakingly wonderful!!! We stepped outside the front door of their apt building and were only yards away from this path along the water's edge.
Another view as we got closer to English Bay. This is what we are looking at as we walk along...
this is what is behind us.
Once we got to English Bay we walked over to Starbucks and got a cup of coffee. Sat on one of the many logs placed on the beach ...
and watched the sunset. I can't begin to tell you how amazingly wonderful it was to be visiting the girls and enjoying this with them. A priceless treasure trove of memories were gathered to warm my heart in the days to come.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nice to be home

We had a wonderful time with the A Team, but it is oh so nice to be home again too. I think I slept half of today away, and I might just do the same again tomorrow. Yawn! Time to catch up on some sleep. AC and I didn't let any grass grow under our feet while we were away, and tried to make each day as long as possible by getting up early and staying up late. Yawn, yawn, yawn! Yep, time to catch up now that we are home.

Seeing as we couldn't get the girl's computer to talk to our camera while we were there, I now have a back-log of pics to share with you.

We had sunshine and warms temps for the whole 10 days we were there, so we enjoyed many happy hours walking along the beach, strolling the seawall, exploring Stanley Park, bargain hunting in the shopping districts, and then relaxing with a coffee along the shores of English Bay at the end of a busy day.

Let me see, where do I start with the pics---how about with the day we arrived.

The girls met us at the airport and helped us home with our luggage. Here they are with AC waiting to get on the Skytrain for the ride home.
This is the view from the front door of their apt building.
Time for another picture before heading inside.
Couldn't resist another pic in the lobby.
Time for a father daughter hug while enjoying the view from the living room.
Mom and daughter needed a hug too.
The fare on the airplane was not the best, so we were ready for a snack soon after we arrived.
That's better. Now that we finished eating, it's time for AC and D3 to relax on the couch and have a chat.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane...

We are winging our way to Vancouver today to visit the A-Team. We will do our best to post a few blogs while we are away, but things might be pretty quiet around here for a week or so. Talk to you all when we get back.

Be a good boy for Mommy and Daddy Jboy.
Let's have another tea party when I got home Smudge.
See you later.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mowgli strikes again

We took Smudge to the park behind our house the other day and thought she had forgotten all about Mowgli and climbing trees. She seemed quite happy to swing...
and swing...
and swing.
Then take a break and go for a slide or two.
Some bigger kids came over and started to shoot baskets in the area right beside the play equipment, and Smudge wanted to join the game too. They threw the ball to her a couple of times, then Buppa distracted her so the bigger kids could get on with their game.
Oh, oh! She saw this tree right beside the basketball area and....Mowgli reappeared.
She and the Bupps had to visit all the surrounding trees and play Mowgli and Bagheera again.
Buppa is VERY patient with this little one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Backyard fun

Buppa and I were babysitting the other day and thought it was a perfect day to get the kids outside so we plopped both of them in a swing and all of us spent a pleasant afternoon in the great outdoors.
Jboy looks a little scrunched sitting in his swing...
but I propped him up with Winnie-the-pooh, and he and Smudge kept Buppa busy pushing, and pushing, and pushing!
When Mommy got home it was time to give Jboy and break from the swing and let him sit in the grass for a while. He is looking quite dapper in his fashionable new hat isn't he?
He thought that the grass was quite grand, but the hat? Not so much!

Don't you just love those chubby little legs?

Monday, September 14, 2009

September Ride

Sunday dawned sunny and bright but a tad windy. Mommy and Amma decided to try to take Smudge for a bike ride anyway. A little wind shouldn't keep us off the trails. Right? Buppa helped hook up the bike trailer and get Smudge ready.
Amma made sure she was hooked in tight...
and ready to ride.
Seeing as Mommy is using Buppa's bike, she was the lucky one to pull the trailer, besides her legs are 30 years younger than Amma's, so seems only fair that she gets to haul the extra load.
Whee!!!! Looks like Mommy is having fun.
Amma road behind to keep a close eye on the trailer as we headed towards the bike path.
Our ride was shorter than normal, but we had fun riding the trails, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying a nice visit all along the way. I heard Smudge singing "Old MacDonald had a farm" as we road along past farmer's fields. She was a happy little lark indeed.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just for fun

The Smudgester is always on the move.

Such a delight she is.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Slow Walk

We finally got Mowgli aka Smudge, away from the trees and started a walk along the water's edge with her. She didn't want to walk on the grass however, she wanted to walk along the narrow strip of wood right beside the water. It was slooooowwwwwww going to say the least. Step, step, slip, correct, step slip, step, slip.
Buppa had a tight hold of her little hand, and a firm grasp of the leash as a back-up.
It was a bit nerve wracking for Amma, but Munchkin and the Bupps made it safely to the end of the walk.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Mowgli and Bagheera

Buppa managed to get Smudge away from the trees for a walk along the water...
but soon Smudge spied another tree...
and went right to it.
Buppa tried to talk her into leaving the tree and walking along the water again, but Smudge was determined...
so Buppa put down his coffee cup and helped her again.
This looks about as far as she can go. Right?
I think this pic is hysterically funny. Makes me laugh each time I look at it. Sheesh, what a kid!

AC posted more pics of the Jungle Book Adventure here.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Not quite Mowgli and Bagheera

From my vantage point at the picnic table in the park I saw this through the trees. I wasn't quite sure what was going on, but it looked like Smudge was trying to climb a tree.

Sure enough, that is exactly what she was trying to do. She wanted Buppa to help her like Bagheera helped Mowgli when it was time to sleep in the jungle. Buppa not being a panther had a bit of trouble with this.
We pointed Smudge to a tree that we thought she could climb herself...
but Buppa had to help with this one too.
She was as high as she could go with Buppa's help and she wanted to go higher.
What a little rascal she is. Lots more tree climbing pics to come tomorrow.