Saturday, September 05, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Sept 09 - part III

While Buppa looked at cameras, Smudge thought she would sit on the stool beside the picture developing area. There was a screen right in front of her and pictures of people smiling and waving kept flashing on it. Smudge would wave right back...
and say hello.
She seemed quite excited to meet these new friends.
Once she tired of that we headed out to the car. Not so fast though. We had to stop and test drive all the ATV's and riding lawn mowers on display near the parking lot...
and touch the water in each and every wheel barrow on display in the garden area.
She also touched a flower on every pot of mums lining the sidewalk at the front of the store. I didn't count them, but there were many, many, many pots. It took us quite a while to reach our car.

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Bernie said...

Oh Betty Smudge is so cute and too view everything through her eyes is pricless. How wonderful that she has grandparents that allow her to enjoy all that she sees and really exemplify the saying "take time to smell the roses"
Have a great weekend.....-) Hugs