Monday, September 07, 2009

Sleepover Weekend

Jboy is still getting up two or three times during the night and these sleepless nights are wearing Mommy down to a frazzle. To help out a bit, Buppa and I took Smudge for the weekend, and Daddy said he would get up with Jboy at night, and he banished Mommy to the guest room in the basement to try to get some much needed sleep. Mommy is a bit more rested now, but Amma needs to go to bed early tonight. Yawn!

We did have a great weekend with Smudge though. She is such a little ray of sunshine in our lives. Here she is sitting in Buppa's rocking chair with her two bears, waiting for a bedtime story.
The bear soon turned into a pillow so she could stretch out a bit. Kids are so flexible aren't they.
Here she is the next morning watching video's of herself when she was a baby. She got quite a chuckle out of them.
Next it was time for breakfast. She played happily with these animals while I fixed her cereal and fruit.
After breakfast it was time to take the movie star to the park. Cute huh? We were going to walk to the park, but as we were getting shoes on and things ready to take to the park, she turned to Buppa and said - Timmy's?
Buppa and I looked at each other and thought that was a great idea too, so we took the car, stopped and got coffee and then drove to the park. Yum! Yes she is in the right family. We all love to go to Timmy's.
More pictures of our visit to the park tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Bernie said...

Oh my but isn't she sweet, I, too love Tim's in fact I am there almost every day....too often I know. How fun it must be to have her with you for a sleep over. Have a great day.....:-) Hus