Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Backyard fun

Buppa and I were babysitting the other day and thought it was a perfect day to get the kids outside so we plopped both of them in a swing and all of us spent a pleasant afternoon in the great outdoors.
Jboy looks a little scrunched sitting in his swing...
but I propped him up with Winnie-the-pooh, and he and Smudge kept Buppa busy pushing, and pushing, and pushing!
When Mommy got home it was time to give Jboy and break from the swing and let him sit in the grass for a while. He is looking quite dapper in his fashionable new hat isn't he?
He thought that the grass was quite grand, but the hat? Not so much!

Don't you just love those chubby little legs?


Bernie said...

Oh cuppa, Jboy is so cute and yes those little chubby legs just make one want to hug him. Smudge looks so contented being on the swing with Buppa pushing and pushing. Great day you had with the kids.
Enjoy many more my friend....Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Thanks. We shall enjoy each and every one we are given.