Monday, September 14, 2009

September Ride

Sunday dawned sunny and bright but a tad windy. Mommy and Amma decided to try to take Smudge for a bike ride anyway. A little wind shouldn't keep us off the trails. Right? Buppa helped hook up the bike trailer and get Smudge ready.
Amma made sure she was hooked in tight...
and ready to ride.
Seeing as Mommy is using Buppa's bike, she was the lucky one to pull the trailer, besides her legs are 30 years younger than Amma's, so seems only fair that she gets to haul the extra load.
Whee!!!! Looks like Mommy is having fun.
Amma road behind to keep a close eye on the trailer as we headed towards the bike path.
Our ride was shorter than normal, but we had fun riding the trails, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying a nice visit all along the way. I heard Smudge singing "Old MacDonald had a farm" as we road along past farmer's fields. She was a happy little lark indeed.


Bernie said...

Another lovely post cuppa, so happy to see you all enjoy your bike ride and as always smudge is priceless.....I love how I get to share these beautiful times with you.....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Hugs coming right back atcha! Glad you are along for the ride.