Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Mowgli and Bagheera

Buppa managed to get Smudge away from the trees for a walk along the water...
but soon Smudge spied another tree...
and went right to it.
Buppa tried to talk her into leaving the tree and walking along the water again, but Smudge was determined...
so Buppa put down his coffee cup and helped her again.
This looks about as far as she can go. Right?
I think this pic is hysterically funny. Makes me laugh each time I look at it. Sheesh, what a kid!

AC posted more pics of the Jungle Book Adventure here.


Nancy said...

I loved your blog/pics. i just started in this blogging world, however I am finding few who are our age doing it. I could not find a way to follow your blog. So I hope I can find yours again.
Nancy Todd

Bernie said...

Great pics and I too had to smile when Grampa put down his coffee and helped smudge up the tree priceless........:-) Hugs