Wednesday, January 27, 2016

JJ in goal

We had a fun time at the hockey arena watching JJ play hockey last week.  
Stands were pretty full for the game in the Carp Arena.  Bleachers were not comfy, and it was colder than cold sitting there for an hour or so.  I had on warm woolly socks and big boots, and my feet still froze.   It was fun to watch him play though.  Well worth the cold toes!
JJ looked like a real pro in net.

He did a good job keeping an eye on what was going on behind the net too.

Getting ready to defend the net

All alone to defend the net, and he did just that.


That one went safely passed

Flat out defense

Going down again.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow fort on the front lawn

Kids and snow go so well together don't they?  We didn't have a lot of snow on the front lawn, but there was enough to build a little snow fort, and the kids had a blast after school playing in the white stuff.
Testing out the little bench in the fort
Danica thought it needed a bit more digging out
Time for a rest after all that digging
Just about perfect now.  Can we have our after school snack out here?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Early morning activities

We are now back in the groove after the Christmas break, and the kids come early in the morning to await the school bus.  We only have half an hour to wait, but it is best to keep them busy, so I have pens, paper, crayons and activity books at the ready each day.  I even join them some mornings. 
Busy at work
A favorite book is one my kids got about 30 years ago from a Scholastic book order at school.  It gives step by step instructions on how to draw simple things, and here we see Danica giving it a whirl.

JJ is trying to pick the perfect colour for his drawing.  The 3D glasses don't help much, but he thought they were cool.  Over the past week or so, JJ has drawn almost all the bugs and animals in the book.  Way to go JJ!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas 2015 - misc

Well, I guess this is it for the pictures in my Christmas 2015 folder. 
A new book for Christmas.  What could be better?

JJ got the coolest jacket for Christmas

He can actually see when it is zipped up like this as the face is a mesh material

Buppa got a cool new blanket to wrap up in on frosty winter afternoons

Many, many, many games of hockey were played

Dani was a big help in the kitchen.  Didn't love doing the dishes, but helped just the same.

Getting Amma a drink of ginger ale

Taking a turn stirring the gravy
MMMMM, ready to tuck in.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Christmas Afternoon - 2015

While the feast cooked merrily in the oven, we went out for a walk with the kids.  The ground was snow free, and the temps were mild, so it was a perfect day to take the new scooters for a spin before we stopped at a local park to play on the equipement.
Flying like the wind down the street on a very mild Christmas Day.
JJ got a new table hockey game for Christmas, so he and Buppa played lots of games.

Daddy came over for a visit, and the kids were really happy to see him.  After enjoying a snack with Dani...
...he played a game of hockey with JJ.

Dani and Daddy took on JJ, but I think JJ still won.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas Morning - 2015

We heard whispers around 6am, and were up shortly after that.
Even though we didn't have a chimney, Santa found his key by the front door, and made his way into the house to leave presents, an fill stockings. 

The kids checked out their stockings while the adults made coffee and eagerly gulped down the first few mouthfuls.
Someone is sure bright eyed this morning

Pleased as punch!
The old folks snuggled on the couch and enjoyed all the excitement in the air.
Christmas morning smile
Beyond smiling.

Both kids got new tablets for Christmas, and Dani is more than a little pleased with that. 
Hugs for Mommy.  They each made Mommy a sparkle wine glass for Christmas, and Mommy loved them.
Pretty huh?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

I am still sifting through pictures from Christmas, and slowly but surely I'll get a few up here so I have a record.
Kids were in their jammies, but it was nowhere near bedtime yet.  They had to keep checking Santa's progress around the world on the computer.
Most of the lights in the room were turned off, and we enjoyed gazing on the tree.
Lots of trips were made to the snack table...
...and it was loaded with goodies.
While the munchkins snacked, I enjoyed a relaxin' glass of wine
JJ was all ready to right the bad guys, and Danica was getting ready to deal with the Thanksgiving wishbone.
I explained to them how to hold the bone,  make a wish, then pull gently apart.
JJ got the largest part of the wishbone, but a big chunk of it also landed on the floor, so I officially declared that they each got their wish.
While we were dealing with the Thanksgiving turkey wishbone, Buppa and Mommy were in the kitchen tending to the Christmas turkey to get ready for the feast on the morrow.
It's almost bedtime, so Buppa and the kids settled in for a reading of the Night Before Christmas

Sweet memories being made here.
Time for bed and visions of sugar-plums