Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

I am still sifting through pictures from Christmas, and slowly but surely I'll get a few up here so I have a record.
Kids were in their jammies, but it was nowhere near bedtime yet.  They had to keep checking Santa's progress around the world on the computer.
Most of the lights in the room were turned off, and we enjoyed gazing on the tree.
Lots of trips were made to the snack table...
...and it was loaded with goodies.
While the munchkins snacked, I enjoyed a relaxin' glass of wine
JJ was all ready to right the bad guys, and Danica was getting ready to deal with the Thanksgiving wishbone.
I explained to them how to hold the bone,  make a wish, then pull gently apart.
JJ got the largest part of the wishbone, but a big chunk of it also landed on the floor, so I officially declared that they each got their wish.
While we were dealing with the Thanksgiving turkey wishbone, Buppa and Mommy were in the kitchen tending to the Christmas turkey to get ready for the feast on the morrow.
It's almost bedtime, so Buppa and the kids settled in for a reading of the Night Before Christmas

Sweet memories being made here.
Time for bed and visions of sugar-plums

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