Monday, September 26, 2005


I can hardly believe that it has been a week since my last blog posting. Where has the time gone? We are experiencing heavy rain today, so I am enjoying the dry warmth and comfort of my cozy writing corner and some quiet time to write after a busy weekend of company.

The unpacking is all done, but my blog has still been pretty quiet these days hasn't it? As my mind continues to spin and whirl with the multitude of fine-tuning tasks arising from the move, I find it hard to sit still and write instead of jumping up and doing. Soon, soon, I will get back into the groove and be able to relax and write. Let's see if the sound of the rain hitting the window helps me to relax this morning so I can put something down on "paper" today.

This new nest is much smaller than our old one, and has given me a challenge or two when it comes to fitting what I think I cannot live without into a much smaller space. I am happy to report that I am slowly making progress though, and I am finding spots for most things. Slowly is the operative word here.

We took advantage of the sunshine and blue skies the other day and biked along the new trail I mentioned in my last blog, to the little Hamlet of Appleby. There was no Great Lake to greet us at the end of our ride, but the gentle Mississippi River kept us company all along the route and added its own beauty to the adventure. At one point on the path we came upon the remains of this old mill.

I just had to stop and take a picture. It had definitely seen better days, and was in a state of ruin, but what a beauty it was, standing there proud and tall. In some ways I felt on the inside exactly how this old mill looked on the outside; a bit rattered and tattered from the strain of the move, and crumbling here and there from the upheaval. As I stood there taking pictures I thought about life and all that it throws our way from time to time. I had been in a state of upheaval since we started down this road towards our move, but what I had experienced was nothing compared to what others were facing in New Orleans. God help them.

I took comfort from this old mill that day. It was what it was, and stood proud and tall speaking to me of all it had been through and the storms it had endured. Its past gave it more beauty than many a new building could ever hope to have.

Some days we might feel like we are storm ravaged and crumbing here and there from what life has sent our way, but if we stand tall and hold our ground and just be who we are, we will add beauty to the world around us. All those dings and gouges add to the depth of shadow which only serves to highlight the rich beauty of who we really are.

A lifetime isn't long enough for the beauty of this world and the responibilities of your life. Mary Oliver

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Celebration Time

The last box has been unpacked, and I am still standing. Not quite sure how sane I am, but the move is now behind me, and I am almost feeling human again. Yes, it is indeed celebration time. My brain is still feeling dull and clogged with cardboard fumes, but I wanted to try to put a couple of words together to at least say hello and let you know that I am still here.

I sat down to write a couple of times last week, but I just couldn't stop my head from spinning long enough to put two thoughts together. I decided it would just be easier to keep going with the unpacking until it was done and then write when that huge task wasn't hanging over my head any longer. Well, I crossed that line this weekend, and the boxes are now history. Start the music and let the celebrations begin.

So much has happened during the last month that I don't know where to begin to tell you about it, so I won't even try in this post. I will just let all the events bubble to surface of my mind over the next little while and share the bits and pieces with you as they come back to me.

I must tell you that we got out for our first bike ride yesterday and it was grand and glorious indeed. AC's back is getting better with each passing day, and yesterday he thought it was good enough for a short test ride on the bikes so we did just that. We only did 10k's, but that was more than enough for our first ride. The sun was shining, the air just the right temperature and the winds light. Ahhh, just perfect for a ride.

We biked along the path by the river and then stopped in the centre of town to take pictures. I drank in the beauty of the magnificent old Town Hall building in the heart of downtown, and then moved on down river and let my heart sway to the music of the water cascading over the falls near an old mill. Oh it was so good to get away from the inside of the house and the unpacking and get back to the great outdoors again. It was just what my heart and soul needed.

On our way home we stopped at the entrance to a new bike trail we want to explore on our next outing. As we stood talking about our plans to ride the trail, we heard the sound of geese overhead. We looked up and I am not exaggerating when I say that hundreds, maybe even thousands of geese flew over. V after V after V of geese winged and honked right over our heads. They came in waves and it was absolutely thrilling. After the beauty of the ride that day, the sight of the geese overhead was like the grand finale; the fireworks at the end of the show. It took my breath away.

I waved and shouted greetings to the geese as they flew by and I felt like my heart was soaring with them. Here I was in my new home after flying across country with all my possessions, and these wonders of nature greeted me here on my first bike ride. How wonderful. I wished them a safe journey; beauty all along the way and a warm cozy nest at the end of their trip, for that is exactly what I had just experience and my heart was full of joy as I saw my journey reflected in nature. I then got on my bike and pedalled home to my warm cozy nest to make a cup of tea and settle down with a good book for the afternoon. Pure luxury indeed.

Today it is too windy to go for a bike ride, but maybe a walk is in order. The sky is blue and dotted with clouds, and the air is warm. Yes I think a walk in the park will be just the ticket. I hope you get outside to enjoy this marvellous day too and discover joy reflected back to you in all sorts of unique ways.

Talk to you all later.