Friday, April 30, 2010

Building blocks...kid in the box!

Instead of leaving the blocks in the box and taking out only what was needed to build a castle, the blocks were
dumped on the floor and a certain kid got in the box. Sheesh! I seem to spend half my life singing the clean-up song, and bending over showing the kids how to clean-up.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday's Walk to the Park

After a snowy surprise on Tuesday morning, Wednesday dawned sunny and bright. Seemed like a beautiful day, so after nap-time we bundled the kids into the wagon and set off for the park to soak up some sunshine and get some exercise.
Looks like a beautiful day doesn't it? Wrong! The wind was blowing at gale force at the park, and had a bitter bite to it. The kids spent a little bit of time on the swings, but it was too cold and blowy to stay for long. So we soon set off for home...
and enjoyed a snack on the protected side deck at home. Ahh, that's much better.

Helping Amma Make Lunch

Ah the old favorite that never goes out of style - a peanut butter and jam sandwich.
A bit messy to make, but yummy to eat.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crew to the park

It is quite the parade of noise taking the crew to the park in their plastic toys. The wheels make so much noise.
Why am I not surprised that Jboy headed straight for the big slide? What a rascal!
At least there is lots of sand underneath the equipment to cushion a fall. He has had a few, with many more to follow I am sure.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Picnic in the back yard

After a busy morning of working out on the equipment...'s time for a snack at the picnic table. Mmmmm, apple juice and arrowroots.

Cute pair huh?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Painting

One morning at our coffee circle my neighbour mentioned that she didn't like the state of the sign at the entrance of our subdivision. I told her that it bothered me too, and I had a great desire to paint it.
"So do I" she said enthusiastically! Great, all we needed was a partner in crime to spur us into action, so we started to make plans to splash some paint around. We set a date, gathered supplies and looked forward to a fun morning. Mother Nature sent a beautiful sunny day our way this morning so we packed our wagon full of painting supplies and set off down the street.
My Partner in Crime brought a table to put our painting supplies on..
...and we each had a ladder, so we were all set and soon got down to business.
The old wood sucked up the paint like a dry sponge, but we dabbed and brushed, and brushed and dabbed until...
...the sign started taking on a spiffy new look.
We laughed and talked and had a grand a glorious time working together.
Total fun!
Neighbours out walking stopped and cheered us on and thanked us for sprucing up the sign. Yep, it looked pretty good.

We might need some Ben Gay to rub into sore arm and shoulder muscles tonight, but we had a lot of fun, and
are quite pleased with the way the sign looks now.

Next time we will bring an apple and a carrot

We had to stop by the kid's place on Sunday afternoon to get Daddy's help to put Smudge's and Jboy's car seats back in our car. Smudge helped Daddy tighten the straps and get the job done right.
Jboy was having a nap, but Smudge thought that she should go for a ride in Buppa's car seeing as her seat was now safely installed. So we strapped her into her seat and went for a ride in the country. Not far from home we happened upon this farm and stopped to take a closer look at a couple of horses in the yard. As soon as we stopped the car and ventured over to the fence...
both horses came over to say hello.
I wasn't sure how gentle the horses were, so I was afraid to let Smudge get too close. She wanted to climb up on the fence and get up and close and personal with them though.
They turned out to be very gentle so we were able to pat their noses and have quite the conversation with them.
I decided it was safe to put Smudge down and she rustled around in the grass for something to feed them.
Next time we will bring some apples and a carrot or two for them.

Hamming it up for Buppa

Smudge was in school on Friday, and Amma had the day off so Buppa and Jboy spent the day together. Looks like Jboy had fun at this photo shoot before his nap on Friday morning.

The big HAM!

Friday, April 23, 2010

And more smiles

Even a bucket looks cute on this little one...
and she wears it with such flare.
Notice the drumsticks are part of the ensemble.
Jboy on the other hand has his own flare with this rather flamboyant hairdo! Who needs a hat to make a statement when your hair will do this first thing in the morning?
Yes, we enjoy smiles galore every day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting Sydney

How nice to have a visit with Krista and finally meet her sweet daughter Sydney. Sydney seemed pleased to meet Buppa.
And even had smiles for Amma and Auntie Sha!
Smudge joined us for a group picture...
and so did Jboy.
Thanks for coming all the way to the Ottawa Valley to visit our clan Sweet Sydney. You are a doll.

Morning Smiles

We never know what you are going to find when we arrive at the kid's house first thing in the morning. This one morning we came in and Smudge was sitting at the kitchen counter in her jammies and fedora, mixing up her playdough...
and Jboy was on the floor by the front door contemplating where to hide daddy's keys.
Another morning we walked into the bedroom and...
well...what can I say?
Can you see why we always start our day with a smile?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Morning at the window.

Such a cute pair in their footed PJ's looking out the window.

Warms my heart to see Smudge's arm around Jboy's shoulders. Hopefully they will always be this close.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't Bump the Glump!

Jboy got this book from the A Team for his birthday.
Once he got past the joy of the wrapping paper he quite enjoyed reading the poems with Amma.
Thanks Aunties, he loves his new book.