Monday, April 26, 2010

Next time we will bring an apple and a carrot

We had to stop by the kid's place on Sunday afternoon to get Daddy's help to put Smudge's and Jboy's car seats back in our car. Smudge helped Daddy tighten the straps and get the job done right.
Jboy was having a nap, but Smudge thought that she should go for a ride in Buppa's car seeing as her seat was now safely installed. So we strapped her into her seat and went for a ride in the country. Not far from home we happened upon this farm and stopped to take a closer look at a couple of horses in the yard. As soon as we stopped the car and ventured over to the fence...
both horses came over to say hello.
I wasn't sure how gentle the horses were, so I was afraid to let Smudge get too close. She wanted to climb up on the fence and get up and close and personal with them though.
They turned out to be very gentle so we were able to pat their noses and have quite the conversation with them.
I decided it was safe to put Smudge down and she rustled around in the grass for something to feed them.
Next time we will bring some apples and a carrot or two for them.

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Bernie said...

She is so cute cuppa, and doesn't seem the least bit frightened.
.......:-) hugs