Saturday, April 17, 2010


For Smudge's first birthday I searched high and low for a Molly doll for her. None to be found anywhere I am afraid. We got her a another doll, but it was not much of a hit. It sits at the bottom of the toy box not getting much attention at all. However, if you look closely at the pic below, you will notice Molly all snuggled up with Smudge in her bedroom chair reading a story.
A little girl up the street, who is now a big girl, decided that she had outgrown her Molly doll and it should have a home with Smudge. Molly is dearly loved and is never far away from Smudge's side now.


luna pie said...

Very sweet! I still have my most beloved doll from girl-hood. Thanks for keeping us posted on these wee ones growing up! :)

Bernie said...

My little niece adores her Molly seems once little girls make a commitment to a doll they are totally loyal.....:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

I could never understand Molly's appeal....maybe it has something to do with 65 years' distance.