Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 3rd BD Party

Quite the crowd gathered on Saturday for Smudge's Third Birthday Party. Yikes - her third birthday already. Hardly seems possible.
Jboy was a bit unnerved by all the people in his house, so he had to have a quiet snuggle with Amma. One guest brought these balloons and they made the round that day.
Kids and Adults alike got into the fun with them. What's a birthday party without balloons right?
Jboy was still having trouble coping with the crowds so here we see Daddy trying to comfort him while Grandmama and Robert look on.
Ahh, that's better. Mommy managed to calm the guy down.
Betsy and Tash enjoyed a chat ...
and Tracey and Chris relaxed before heading out to another party scheduled for that day.
Time for the cake. Yum!
Smudge was quite delighted and delightful.
Patiently waiting for Daddy to cut the cake.
Enjoying the cake with a friend.
Time for presents.
Opening them is lots of fun when shared with friends.
Pink tissue paper floated in the air and gathered like clouds around the room as each gift was opened.
Yes, it was a pink party day at Smudge's house and lots of rosy memories were made.

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Bernie said...

Smudge looks so cute and poor Jboy, overwhelmed by so many people....thanks for sharing my friend.........:-) Hugs