Monday, February 24, 2014

Family Fun

At the end of our busy day of trekking around Almonte and CPwith the Tuckers, we all gathered at the kid's place for dinner.
Danica was told to choose a pretty dress to wear to the party, and she choose this most delightful Princess dress that suited her to a T.
JJ opted for a more casual look, and he looked mighty fine too.
Asha wore her best fur coat, and promptly shared some of it with Uncle Brian.
JJ showed me his new Bear...
Then gave Uncle Brian some fashionable advice for his new glasses.
Danica let Buppa pose with her new bear
Then the  Princess and the Pea settled at the kid's table for dinner.  You gotta love a princess dress complete with a super hero cape.
After dinner the Princess showed Auntie Heather how to make an elastic bracelet...
...and JJ showed Uncle Brian his new book.
It was a fun and festive family time with the Tuckers.  Warm memories were made by one and all.

Friday, February 21, 2014

National Gallery, Byward Market and Winterlude fun with the Tuckers

Back in 2006 we went to the National Gallery, and experienced a most amazing musical display in the Rideau Chapel.  I raved about it to anyone who would listen, and my sister listened with BOTH ears.  
I received a newsletter from the National Gallery informing me that this most awesome musical display was back for a limited time so The Tuckers planned a trip to our area so we could all experience The Motet together.  Below is a picture of the sound system in the Rideau Chapel, inside the National Gallery.
Janet Cardiff: Forty-Part Motet

Janet Cardiff: Forty-Part Motet
Until 17 February 2014

Rideau Chapel

The publicly and critically acclaimed Forty-Part Motet is back on display at the National Gallery of Canada for a very limited time. This brilliant sound sculpture by Canadian artist Janet Cardiff is a reworking of Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis, a 16th-century English composer. Forty separately-recorded choir voices are played back through 40 speakers positioned around the Gallery’s Rideau Chapel.
The effect of the work on visitors is deeply moving, earning it a popularity rarely encountered by contemporary art. "Most people experience this piece now in their living rooms in front of only two speakers," said Janet Cardiff. "Even in a live concert the audience is separated from the individual voices. Only the performers are able to hear the person standing next to them singing a different harmony. I wanted to be able to climb inside the music."
The entrance to the National Gallery, with a view of the Parliament buildings off to the left.
Heather and I checking the map inside the Gallery for directions to the Rideau Chapel.

We finally found our way around and sat through two presentations of the music.  Cameras were not allowed in the chapel, so I have to make do with the one  in the newsletter above.

While the Tuckers toured the European gallery, AC and I went to rest our weary backs in the cafeteria.  Below is a picture taken through the windows along the back wall of the Gallery.
By the time we finished trekking through the Gallery, it was time to head over to the Byward Market for dinner.  There are lots of pubs to choose from, but we settled on The Highlander, and it was a good choice. 
Good food, good service and great company.
The Byward Market is such a fun place to saunter through.
After dinner we walked over to the Crystal Garden Winterlude Display.
We walked along the Canal, but this is a view looking down on it on our way back to the car.
What a fun and fabulous day. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tea and memories

My niece sent me a tin of her favorite tea, so when Heather was here, I dusted off mom's teacups, and made a pot of the delicious brew to share with her. 
English Rose tea was a new experience for me, and I used trial and error to figure out how much loose tea to use for a cup or a pot.
I got this pot just right.  We drank it without milk or lemon, and it was the perfect tea to drink with homemade cookies

  We chatted about mom while we sipped tea from her teacups, and it was  heartwarming  indeed.  Delicious tea and memories shared with a dear sister.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My most amazing sister

This past weekend my sister and her husband came for a visit. We explored the National Art Gallery, The Byward Market, Winterlude, The Wool Shop, Almonte, and of course spent lots of time visiting at home whilst drinking tea. 
Here we are enjoying a delicious cup of English Rose tea, in mom's teacups.  MMMMM good.  We both look like roly-poly bears in this picture, but we were wrapped up in big sweaters and afghans on this chilly February afternoon.
At one point during the weekend I stood behind my sister while she was sitting in the rocking chair, and I caught a glimpse of what she was working on.  Looks interesting doesn't it? 
What is that?  I asked her.  She explained that it is her visual journal, and she does this double page "artwork" each week to record her thoughts, dreams, lessons, favorite quotes, projects and activities that she thought about or came across over that past week.  At the end of every week, she has another amazing piece of art.
I asked if I could take pictures, and she happily obliged.  Each week is an amazing work of art, filled with free hand doodles, stickers, drawings, poems, quotes, etc.
Isn't this fabulous?
After I took pics of the full page, I tried to focus in on some close-up pics of her drawings.
Beyond words.
Even the page titles are works of art.
This is the page for projects she wants to complete this year.

Not only is this sister of mine an amazingly creative person, she is a very generous thoughtful soul too.  Tucked beside her in the chair she was sitting in was a gift bag full of treats for me.  

This is what I found inside...a new journal, stickers and special pens to get me started creating my own visual journal.

The blank page awaits....

Thursday, February 06, 2014

More BD pics

Lots of fun and festivities happened all day long to celebrate JJ's 5th BD.  He does enjoy playing with action figures, and this is the latest series that has his attention.  I think the game can be played on its own, or it can be hooked up to the Wii for additional fun. 
He looks rather pleased doesn't he?
We like to add a book to any gift, and JJ does like his story time with Buppa
What a nifty cake for a 5 year old hockey player
Waiting to blow out the candle.
Enjoying a laugh with dad after supper
Time for a story with Buppa before heading home to get ready for bed.
Danica wandered around with the camera taking lots of pictures.  I think I was getting ready to cover up the remaining BD cake in this pic.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Birthday fun

Yesterday was JJ's 5th birthday, so we had a little celebration before he got on the bus in the morning.  The kids  love to sing HB and blow out candles, so that's what we did....a number of times.
Oh dear, I didn't have a proper candle, so I wrote 5 on this candle, and put it in a granola bar.  Worked just fine.
Then we had a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit.
Soon it was time to head over to the bus stop, but that wasn't the end of our celebrations.  We sent the munchkins off  to school, but didn't tell them that we would be picking them up at lunchtime for a BD surprise lunch.  JJ got to pick the place for lunch, and....McDonald's it was.
I was surprised to discover that their coffee wasn't bad, so I enjoyed a cup while the kids munched on chicken and fries.
After lunch, Buppa and JJ played a rousing game of hockey with paper pucks, and cardboard sticks. 
Here we see the sticks and extra pucks sitting off to the side while JJ tries to score by flicking the puck with his finger.  Buppa is dutifully tending goal with the aid of the toy that came with the meal.
Danica sat with me and did the puzzles on the paper placemat.
Buppa and JJ changed the hockey game to basketball, and JJ's mouth was the net.  Sheesh, what a pair.  JJ sat there with his mouth open, and Buppa tried to flick the paper balls into it.  He scored more than he missed.  Danica thought it looked like fun, so she asked to be a net too.
Yep, makes a pretty good net.
Then it was time to team up.  By this time I was in gales of laughter.
Makes me laugh every time I see this pic!  Hope it brings a smile to you too.