Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tea and memories

My niece sent me a tin of her favorite tea, so when Heather was here, I dusted off mom's teacups, and made a pot of the delicious brew to share with her. 
English Rose tea was a new experience for me, and I used trial and error to figure out how much loose tea to use for a cup or a pot.
I got this pot just right.  We drank it without milk or lemon, and it was the perfect tea to drink with homemade cookies

  We chatted about mom while we sipped tea from her teacups, and it was  heartwarming  indeed.  Delicious tea and memories shared with a dear sister.


Regenia said...

In the Falll of 2012 I was in Buffalo for my aunt's funeral. Since I stayed with my sister we had the opportunity to sit and catch up in the same way, except with coffee. It makes for touching memories.

Andrea said...

I'm glad you liked it. :) Did you get a second tea in the package? You should have.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Yes, the memories are rather sweet shared over a hot "cuppa" with someone special about someone special.

Andrea - Yes I did get a second package of tea - Piccadilly Blend. It is in a white bag, but I also got an extra tea canister to put it in when I open it. I am waiting to open it until I master the art of loose tea. It is a new experience for me, so I am practicing with the English Rose.
All three came in a beautiful blue box, all wrapped in tissue paper. It was such a treat to unwrap the surprise. I think of you every time I indulge in a cup of that tea now. Warm hugs all around.

Andrea said...

No rush! I just wanted to be sure that they sent you everything I ordered. :)