Monday, February 24, 2014

Family Fun

At the end of our busy day of trekking around Almonte and CPwith the Tuckers, we all gathered at the kid's place for dinner.
Danica was told to choose a pretty dress to wear to the party, and she choose this most delightful Princess dress that suited her to a T.
JJ opted for a more casual look, and he looked mighty fine too.
Asha wore her best fur coat, and promptly shared some of it with Uncle Brian.
JJ showed me his new Bear...
Then gave Uncle Brian some fashionable advice for his new glasses.
Danica let Buppa pose with her new bear
Then the  Princess and the Pea settled at the kid's table for dinner.  You gotta love a princess dress complete with a super hero cape.
After dinner the Princess showed Auntie Heather how to make an elastic bracelet...
...and JJ showed Uncle Brian his new book.
It was a fun and festive family time with the Tuckers.  Warm memories were made by one and all.


Regenia said...

That DOES look like such fun!! And what a wonderful deposit into everyone's memory banks!

Sue, you mentioned we could have tea together on a weekend. Are you available this Saturday March 1st at 2:00? I live 10.1 miles form the Atlantic Ocean so we are on EST right now. Just let me know. If that does not work, we will find another choice. Looking forward to it!

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Tea for two at two on the 1st sounds like a workable date and time to me. What fun!
Take a picture, and I'll do the same and post it later that day.
Meet you for a cyber hug and chat on Saturday.