Thursday, February 06, 2014

More BD pics

Lots of fun and festivities happened all day long to celebrate JJ's 5th BD.  He does enjoy playing with action figures, and this is the latest series that has his attention.  I think the game can be played on its own, or it can be hooked up to the Wii for additional fun. 
He looks rather pleased doesn't he?
We like to add a book to any gift, and JJ does like his story time with Buppa
What a nifty cake for a 5 year old hockey player
Waiting to blow out the candle.
Enjoying a laugh with dad after supper
Time for a story with Buppa before heading home to get ready for bed.
Danica wandered around with the camera taking lots of pictures.  I think I was getting ready to cover up the remaining BD cake in this pic.

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Regenia said...

Here I am, trying to catch up again. The pictures of Danica and JJ playing on the snow mountain remind me of some good memories. We recently had snow, which is so rare. Children AND dogs loved it! The kids are growing up, aren't they? Danica especially looks so much more "grown up". I am glad Jj had a fun birthday.