Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Canada Day

Grandpa bought Smudge a new chair for Canada Day. She gave it a trial run on Friday and thought it was A-OK!
She is now all set for the big celebrations tomorrow. Hope it doesn't rain.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Another busy day for a baby.

First it was time to help Grandma fold laundry. Smudge likes to get right into her work...

...and sometimes multi-tasks...

...and tests new head gear

...or contemplates a future career as a nurse while doing mundane household chores.

Now Grandpa needs her help. Onward and forward is her motto, always ready to lend a helping hand.

I am sure you could find joy and delight in every task sent your way too. Onward and forward!

Friday, June 27, 2008

You gotta love it!

This is the latest blankie trick! Don'tcha love it?

Sure makes me smile.

Smudge Lesson for the Week - Don't let a bad hair day keep you at home. If all else fails, throw a blanket over your head and strut your stuff.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out and About

We spent a lot of time outside during the last couple of sunny days, and had fun soaking in the sunshine. We were all feeling housebound and a bit soggy after days and days of rain, but the world continued to spin as it should, and the sunshine did return. It always does.

Smudge has a new play structure, but can't quite manage the ladder up to the slide...

... so she preferred to play in the gravel at the end of the drive.

Then along came Skylar, and both gravel and play structure held no interest at all.

Skylar was rescued from an abusive situation, so she is very timid, but she always comes over to say hello and get a cookie from us. Hopefully we will make friends soon. Smudge hopes so too.

Take a walk in the sunshine today and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walk in the park

The rain clouds moved on out of town yesterday morning and blue skies graced our area in the afternoon, Glorioski! It didn't take us long to pack and head for the park. What a treat a walk in the sunshine was for our damp spirits and soggy souls.
After a walk along the path it was time to take a closer look at the water. I think Smudge wanted to jump right in. Not me, I wanted to soak in the sunshine and not go anywhere near anything that resembled a rain drop in any form.

I hope you enjoyed a sunny day too. It feels so good after all that rain doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tilt and Whirl

Our world continues to tilt and whirl at an ever increasing rate of speed, and this week I am having trouble keeping up. Wedding plans are clicking into full throttle, art projects demand attention, lawns and gardens need tending, a good mystery book called my name, and of course Smudge is on the move full speed ahead these days. Not only is she walking, she also wants to be in the driver's seat of her little bus.

After a tour of duty on her bus route, she is ready for a nap, and this is her way of telling us it is time for a snooze. She toddles down the hall with her blankies clutched in her chubby little hands and we know a session in the rocking chair is called for.

After her nap she is bright eyed and ready to go again.

Hold onto your hats the speed is about to pick up. Enjoy the ride.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy Week

Smudge had a very busy week. Water play, flower study, walking, talking, spending time with a good friend...

...and then taking the baby for a walk. Grandma had to come and help keep Smudge on the straight and narrow...

...but with only a few stops for realignment..

we were soon on our way again.
Smudge Lesson for the Week - Take time to smell the flowers, make time for friends, and invite someone you love to join you for a walk in the sunshine whenever you can.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Walkin' and Talkin'

The Little One has finally launched out on her own two feet and is strutting around the house just like a real person these days. With the daisies from her morning walk tightly clasped in her hands she is steppin' out.

A little later I was sitting by the front window and wondered what all the racket was behind me. I turned around and this is what I saw. Smudge could see herself in the glass on the picture of Rocky and she was giving the little girl in the glass a scolding.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Delightful Daisy

When Smudge and Grandpa went for their morning walks in early spring they would usually bring a dandelion or two home for Grandma. Now wild daisies are in bloom, and most mornings one or two make it home in Smudge's chubby little hands.

She studies them intently...

...holds onto them tightly,

...and admires them greatly.

What a delightful baby with a delightful daisy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sarnia Visitors

We enjoyed a special treat last Friday. Dear friends from our old neighbourhood in Sarnia dropped by for a visit. It was sooooo nice to see them again, and my how the girls have grown. They seemed to be only children when we left, and now they are all beautiful young ladies.

From left to right we have Miranda (middle daughter), Kelly (mom) and Heather (friend of the family)

The occasion of the visit to Ottawa was oldest daughter Lindsey's graduation from Carleton. My goodness how is that possible? In this picture we see Lindsey(oldest daughter and graduate), Mallory (youngest daughter) and Smudge.

After the photo session it was time to catch up on all the news in the girls lives, and Smudge thought it was time to play Rockstar with Miranda.
Do you like my glasses Randy?

No, maybe not. Here Grandma, you take the sunglasses, they muss my hair.

I think I will try on this funky new headband.

Nope, you wear the headband Miranda and I will wear the sunglasses.

Better still, I think I will go see what Lindsey and Mallory are doing.

Oh, they are looking at the photo album Grandpa made of me!
Here, let me show you my favorite pictures.

Well, I am tired of that, let me see what Miranda is up to. Maybe I could clean her glasses for her and perchance grab some of her snack.

Smudge kept us all entertained while we caught up on each other's lives, and gabbed the afternoon away. Thanks for stopping by guys, your visit warmed our hearts and brighten our day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Play Date

Sunscreen? Check!
Sunhat? Check!
Sunglasses? Check!
Sunsuit? Check!
Ok Grandma I am ready for my play date with Evan.

Is that you behind those glasses Smudge?

Yes, can't you tell?
Oh yah, I see you in there now.

Hey, that's better, now we can both see clearly to play in the water, in the shade.

Let's go back to the rock pile in the sunshine. How about we move all of the rocks from here to over there.

No, let's go back to the shade to play with the leggo blocks, and Evan's mommy.

Oh the good ol' Summer Time! I love it. Hope you had fun in the sunshine and shade yesterday too.

Enjoy your weekend. Talk to you again on Monday

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day in the Life

First of all, I have to help Grandpa eat his breakfast. Mmmm, good toast Grandpa.

Then it is time to help Grandpa with the vacuuming.

Whew, that was hard work. I need a little rest and maybe a good book to read.

This is a great story isn't it Bunny?

OK, I'm all rested up now, time to help Grandma with the housework.
Goodness, a baby's work is never done.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slippin' and Slidin'

You gotta love the look of sheer joy on Smudge's face as she perched on the top of the slide. Ok Grandpa, I'm ready!

Smudge loves visiting the play park now, and if we don't have time for a stop we have to choose another route for a walk, because as soon as she sees he equipment she gets all excited and expects some playtime there.

After slippin' and slidin' last week, she had some time in the sand, and then we made a bee-line for home for some water play to get all the sand off fingers, toes and bottom.

Oh the good ol' summer time! Sun, sand, swings and a splashing good time in an old bathtub. What more could a kid ask for?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

SIL had a birthday on the weekend and we were invited to join in the festivities. What fun! We chowed down on Chinese food and then dug into this cake. The most delicious chocolate cheesecake I have ever tasted. Don't let the candles fool you. Seems like we all forgot to buy more candles so we had to improvise and use these left over from Grandma or Grandpa's BD. SIL didn't mind.

After cake it was time for games with Smudge on the couch...

...and then open some presents. Smudge thought it was great that Daddy got some new sand toys to play with in the sandbox with her. Presents are best when shared with someone you love aren't they? Daddy and Daughter both thought so.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Grandmaman's Visit

On Friday Grandmaman and her friend Monique came to visit the Wee Princess.

After both gals pampered Smudge and gave her some lunch it was time for a snuggle with Grandmaman.

Then it was time for a fashion show. Smudge wasn't too happy about wearing a bathing suit, ( who knew that that would start so young?) We all thought she looked cute as a button in it, but she had other ideas about it.

Grandmaman thought this "new hat" might make Smudge smile. I don't know about Smudge, but it sure made the rest of us laugh.

After a nice visit it was time to say good bye. The girls were about to continue on with their road trip in Grandmaman's new car.
Grandmaman would be the navigator for this part of the trip and Monique would get to drive.

Drive carefully, and have lots of fun girls.