Thursday, June 05, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Yesterday we went on a treasure hunt and Smudge was more than anxious to set off on the adventure. Here she is waiting by the gate while Grandpa puts his shoes on. Come on Grandpa, let's get going!

We were soon in the car and on our way. Well, first we had to stop at Tim's for a coffee and a Timbit or two and then we were on our way to this artist's studio. Doesn't it look magical? We have been here before, but this time it was to pick up a broach for my new pashmina. Jane Christie is a most talented artist so I knew she was the lady to see when I needed a shawl pin for the most beautiful pashmina I have ever seen. ( Story about the pashmina to come in a later blog.)

I would say Jane created the perfect pin to compliment the hand-stitched pattern on the pashmina. What do you think?

After touring the studio it was time to give Smudge some lunch, and check her diaper before the trip home. She thought it was lots of fun to sit and stretch in the back of the CRV. What a neat little spot just the right size for a munchkin.

I hope you find magical places, and treasures on your walk through life today.

1 comment:

Jules said...

What a beautiful shawl...and the broach is perfect!

Changing a diaper in the back of the CRV isn't so bad, is it? I remember the first time I had to change Rachel's in the back of our SUV, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. So much easier compared to my little 2 door car I had previously. It's good to grow up! ha ha

Have a wonderful weekend!