Monday, June 09, 2008

Grandmaman's Visit

On Friday Grandmaman and her friend Monique came to visit the Wee Princess.

After both gals pampered Smudge and gave her some lunch it was time for a snuggle with Grandmaman.

Then it was time for a fashion show. Smudge wasn't too happy about wearing a bathing suit, ( who knew that that would start so young?) We all thought she looked cute as a button in it, but she had other ideas about it.

Grandmaman thought this "new hat" might make Smudge smile. I don't know about Smudge, but it sure made the rest of us laugh.

After a nice visit it was time to say good bye. The girls were about to continue on with their road trip in Grandmaman's new car.
Grandmaman would be the navigator for this part of the trip and Monique would get to drive.

Drive carefully, and have lots of fun girls.

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