Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out and About

We spent a lot of time outside during the last couple of sunny days, and had fun soaking in the sunshine. We were all feeling housebound and a bit soggy after days and days of rain, but the world continued to spin as it should, and the sunshine did return. It always does.

Smudge has a new play structure, but can't quite manage the ladder up to the slide...

... so she preferred to play in the gravel at the end of the drive.

Then along came Skylar, and both gravel and play structure held no interest at all.

Skylar was rescued from an abusive situation, so she is very timid, but she always comes over to say hello and get a cookie from us. Hopefully we will make friends soon. Smudge hopes so too.

Take a walk in the sunshine today and enjoy!

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