Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last week

Sunny skies and cold temps are in our area today, so Smudge and Grandpa had to really bundle up before their morning walk. Mittens and a warm winter hat were called for. BRRRRR. At least it isn't raining, and if it isn't raining, then it is a good day for a walk. That is our motto!

I don't have any pictures of the walk today, but I do have a few from our afternoons at the park last week to share with you. Dani was quite taken with the fresh leaves on this tree. Mmmm, feels like velvet. Don't you just love the look of wonder on her face? We are having so much fun watching her discover the world.

I posted a pic last week of her laughing at the dog in the water. This is just another view to show you how close we were to the water. The river is receding, but the grass between the path and the water was very soggy, so we stayed on the path. We hope to have many picnic lunches with her here this summer.
Well, the walkers are home so I must run and get things ready for her morning nap.

Talk to you again soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We had lots of sunshine and warm breezes last week, but that weather has left town for now, and wind and rain is here for a little visit. BRRRR! Time to bundle up for the morning walk.
Smudge was up a lot last night and gave Mommy and Daddy a rather sleepless night, but Grandpa and I had a great day with her yesterday. Whiney Winnie didn't show up at all, and she was a happy camper ALL day.

I even got out for my last art class and Grandpa worked solo in the afternoon. He and Smudge read stories, danced to the Dixie Chicks and walked and walked and walked. She doesn't tire of that activity at all and likes to hold both hands on her treks. It won't be long before she takes off on her own though. She is standing by herself now, but hasn't worked up the courage to take a step. We want her to take her first steps with Mommy and Daddy, so we won't push it when we are here with her. We keep the camera at the ready though, because you just never know when she is going to take off.

AC and I are still doing battle with these dab-blasted cold germs but we should win that war soon. Right?

Grandpa and Smudge just got back from their morning walk, so it is time to put the Wee One down for her nap. Talk to you later

Monday, April 28, 2008

Afternoon in the Park

It is a cold rainy day today, but we enjoyed a warm, sunshiny weekend, so we don't mind this time for the gardens to get a drink and for us to grab our umbrellas.

On sunny Friday we took Smudge to the park and she was quite fascinated with the fresh green shoots on this tree. We wheeled her buggy right under the branches and she immediately grabbed one and tried to put it in her mouth. Yes Smudge, we are all longing for that delicious taste of spring too.
At one point along the path we happened upon two people exercising their dog. The dog was having a great time frolicking in the water, chasing sticks and running here there and everywhere. Smudge was enthralled with his antics. She clenched her little fists and squealed with delight every time he took a flying leap into the water making a gigantic splash.
Once the dog and his owners went on their way, Smudge decided that if the entertainment was moving on, it was time for a walk. This time it was Grandma's turn to give her back a workout.

OK, enough of that. Let's sit for awhile and watch the ducks fly by, and the water lap the shore. So many things to see and do at the park. I think we will be spending lots of time here and at the playground this spring and summer. Mommy and Daddy took Smudge to the playground on the weekend and she quite liked the baby swings, so we will have to check them out when the rain stops.
I hope you are enjoying both the sunshine and the rain in your life today. We need both, and each one makes the other more appreciated.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hair Do's, Housework and Roadtrips

Last week we had a battle on our hands with these miserable, rotten, blankety-blank cold germs, but The Smudge brought us sunshine every day and warmed these battle weary hearts of ours.

Smudge is fighting the cold germs too, but manages to keep her sunny disposition for most of the day. I must admit that there are times when "Whiney-Winnie" shows up, but a snuggle or two, or a walk around the block usually helps send "Whiney-Winnie" on her way.

The hair-do was giving Smudge fits on this day, but with a little help from Grandma we soon had the curls all going the right way. What a relief. After all, a girl has to look good before she goes on her morning walk.

Smudge is a big helper in the kitchen too. She seems to think that the towels look much better on the floor. We played quite a few rounds of hang 'em up- pull 'em down that day.
Once her kitchen chores were done, and her hair was fixed to her liking it was time for her morning walk with Grandpa.
After lunch we went on our first road trip and she was as good as gold during the half hour long buckle-down in her car seat. Once we got to our destination she didn't want anything to do with her stroller though. She wanted to walk so she and Grandpa went for a stroll while Grandma went to check out some one-of-a-kind jewelery she discovered on a Studio Tour last fall.
Smudge loved exploring the front lawn at the studio, and thought this fence was pretty neat. How wonderful that these people made it just the perfect size for little girls to lean on.
Grandma was finally done checking out the jewelry and took a few minutes to give Smudge a closer look at the wire sculpture on the front lawn of the studio before heading back home.
The first road trip was a success. Grandma and Grandpa had Tim's coffee and Smudge had apple juice and a Timbit. Yum! A good time was had by all and I am sure we will have many more road trips this spring and summer.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday Party Pictures cont'd

It has been a busy week of adjustments for all of us, but we are hanging in there and enjoying life. What a privilege to share this time with Smudge. We are taking our first road trip with her today, so that should be interesting. It is only a short trip to a little town north of here, but it will be a first for us and a learning experience for all of us.

I don't have many pictures from yesterday, so thought I would post more birthday pics. Enjoy!

While waiting for the guests to arrived on Saturday, Smudge thought it would be fun to enjoy a few minutes bouncing on Grandma's knee. We both had fun.

Melody was the first little guest to arrive and she thought she would have a snuggle with Grandma too.

When the party was in full swing it was time for Birthday cake. Smudge didn't quite know what to make of it. Daddy gave her such a BIG piece!
She soon got right into it and I think she liked it. What do you think?
After cake, it was time to open presents. Melody was glad to help Smudge with the task.
Wow, cool hat and hot shades. The girl is all set for summer now.
Smudge got this cute vest from Grand'maman, but who can get excited about clothes when there is tissue paper to play with? Tissue paper is almost as much fun as an empty box!
Goodness, all these festivities wears a girl out Grandma. I think it is time for another nap.

You are right Smudge. Time for all of us to have a nap.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day one and counting.

Thesha's mat leave ended last week, so yesterday was her first day back at work. AC and I stepped in to help with child care to make leaving the little one a bit easier, but it was still a tough day of the heart for Mommy.

I am not sure how long these two old folks will be able to keep up with this very active munchkin, but today was a good day and a wonderful start to this new chapter in our lives.

Let me share some of the day in pictures with you.

We arrived at 7:30am and the munchkin had been up since 6am! Sheesh! I guess she knew something was up and could feel the stress of a new situation too. Grandpa entertained her with a book while Grandma made her some breakfast.
After breakfast it was time for her Vitamin D walk. She is allowed a 20 minute walk without sunscreen on to absorb her Vitamin D for the day, and then the sunscreen gets lathered on for the rest of the day. Grandpa was on duty for this walk. Smudge loves to ride in the new car she got from Auntie Krista for her birthday.

After the Vita D walk it was time to wiggle and stretch back at home and explore nooks and crannies there. Here she is sitting under the kitchen butcher block. The only place on the whole first floor that she shouldn't be!!! What a kid! Grandpa rescued her from this perch and Grandma found some boxes to block off the entrance to this most intriguing place.

After all her morning exploring it was time for a nap. Grandma and Grandpa needed the break too. Whew! Smudge slept for an hour and half and awoke ready to discover the rest of her day. It was a warm sunny afternoon so we walked to the park, and were shocked to see our favorite benches "knee deep" in water.
Luckily there were plenty of other benches sitting on higher ground so we set up shop on one of them with a great view of the water.

OK, enough of this sitting stuff. Time to get up and walk. Smudge likes to hold your hand and walk and walk and walk. Don't you love the list of her body in this picture?

Goodness she looks so little standing beside Grandpa.
We walked along the path as far as we could, then were stopped by more flooding. Time to rest Smudge's little legs and carry her for awhile.
Yes, all in all it was a great first day on this new adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us Smudgy.

Love G&G

Monday, April 21, 2008

Party Time

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these pictures of the party posted, but we are still operating at half speed at our house these days. That blankety-blank cold bug still has us in its grip, and it absconded with our energy too.

Here is the first set of pics for all you fans waiting anxiously for them.

We arrived early for the party, and the birthday girl was still chillin' in her PJ's. While we awaited instructions from mom and dad, Grandpa helped her inspect the balloon bouquet...
and then went over to check out the cake. Pretty huh? It was delicious too.

After the cake was approved of, it was time for a hug from Grandma and a quick peek at the window decorations.

Now on to the next thing. Hmmm, what's this? Oh, a bag full of tissue paper. What a neat present.
Grandpa quickly scooped her up and said 'come on Smudge, let's go outside and check out the front porch decorations'. How festive.

After all the decorations met with her approval it was time to get spiffied up. First things first though, a Happy Birthday dance with Mommy was called for. What fun!

After the dance it was time to get her party dress on and fix her hair. Cute, cute, cute! OK, I'm ready, let the party begin.
Waiting for the guests to arrive.

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of the party. More to come tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Attack the bug with a pancake!

Yesterday dawned sunny and bright, but AC and I dragged ourselves out of bed feeling rather cloudy and dull. Sigh! Coughing, stuffy heads and sore throats caused another sleepless night for both of us. The cold medication we took just before bed didn't help us either. It said non drowsy on the box, but it should have said, Caution - this medication will wake you up and won't let you sleep. We were both exhausted, but wired and couldn't sleep. Groan.

Thesha's maternity leave is quickly coming to an end, and AC wanted to take her out for breakfast before she went back to work. They used to have daddy/daughter breakfast dates when she was little, and they like to continue the tradition on from time to time. Wouldn't you know that yesterday was the day they picked for this? I was supposed to babysit while dad and the girl went out for a treat. AC decided he wanted Smudge to join them, and not wanting to leave this poor sick grandma out, they invited me to come along too. Nice huh? No sense staying home and complaining about our colds and sleepless nights, we might as well go out and enjoy the day, so that is exactly what we did. There was no fear of passing the cold bug to Thesha and Smudge, because they had it first. So we spruced ourselves up as best we could, and set off for the local pancake house for hot pancakes and fresh maple syrup. Yum!

This was the Smudge's first ride in her new car seat in Grandma and Grandpa's car. I think she liked it.
Soon we were at the pancake house and ready for breakfast. On the weekends at this time of year this place is packed, but as you can see, weekdays are fairly quiet. No problem getting the table of our choice this morning.
After breakfast it was time for The Smudge to explore the toy corner.
Wouldn't you know, she made a bee-line for the only place that wasn't safe...
...and because of the slanting ceiling, Grandpa had to climb in on his hands and knees to rescue her.

Then it was mom's turn to be on guard.

After filling up on fluffy pancakes, crisp waffles, fresh fruit, local maple syrup and gallons of coffee, it was time to head for home. Thesha wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and do some gardening. So, we helped her get The Smudge all set up in her playpen and then AC and I headed home for a nap. Our sleepless night was catching up with us.

I think Smudge really helped mommy accomplish a lot.
Looks like she is having fun anyway.
It was fun to attack the cold bug with a pancake. We gave him a heck of a wallop anyway and it made us feel better. You use whatever you can right?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We got a call from the A Team last night that caused us to whoop with glee and forget all about the monster cold bugs that have been attacking us. Althegal just got word that she is to receive a very prestigious SSHRC award and wanted to share the good news with us.

Way to Go kiddo. We are VERY proud of you.

Congratulations and Love
Mom and Dad

New Discovery

I am still struggling to get out from under the heavy blanket this nasty cold bug has thrown over my life. Sigh! I managed to get out of bed yesterday, and again today, so I am taking steps in the right direction. Not very big steps, but steps nonetheless.

When AC said he was going over to Thesha's to take some pictures of her crocuses I tagged along to soak up some Smudge sunshine. While AC set up the camera, Thesha and Smudge looked on. Well, neither of them looked on, but they did keep him company.
I enjoyed watching Smudge discover grass for the first time.
She had a grand time pulling out tufts of it, and inspecting leaves and twigs with great concentration.
That short visit did my heart good, and a hug from her was better than any medicine. Amazing how that works huh? Hug someone you love today. It will help cure what ails you.