Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Discovery

I am still struggling to get out from under the heavy blanket this nasty cold bug has thrown over my life. Sigh! I managed to get out of bed yesterday, and again today, so I am taking steps in the right direction. Not very big steps, but steps nonetheless.

When AC said he was going over to Thesha's to take some pictures of her crocuses I tagged along to soak up some Smudge sunshine. While AC set up the camera, Thesha and Smudge looked on. Well, neither of them looked on, but they did keep him company.
I enjoyed watching Smudge discover grass for the first time.
She had a grand time pulling out tufts of it, and inspecting leaves and twigs with great concentration.
That short visit did my heart good, and a hug from her was better than any medicine. Amazing how that works huh? Hug someone you love today. It will help cure what ails you.

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