Monday, April 28, 2008

Afternoon in the Park

It is a cold rainy day today, but we enjoyed a warm, sunshiny weekend, so we don't mind this time for the gardens to get a drink and for us to grab our umbrellas.

On sunny Friday we took Smudge to the park and she was quite fascinated with the fresh green shoots on this tree. We wheeled her buggy right under the branches and she immediately grabbed one and tried to put it in her mouth. Yes Smudge, we are all longing for that delicious taste of spring too.
At one point along the path we happened upon two people exercising their dog. The dog was having a great time frolicking in the water, chasing sticks and running here there and everywhere. Smudge was enthralled with his antics. She clenched her little fists and squealed with delight every time he took a flying leap into the water making a gigantic splash.
Once the dog and his owners went on their way, Smudge decided that if the entertainment was moving on, it was time for a walk. This time it was Grandma's turn to give her back a workout.

OK, enough of that. Let's sit for awhile and watch the ducks fly by, and the water lap the shore. So many things to see and do at the park. I think we will be spending lots of time here and at the playground this spring and summer. Mommy and Daddy took Smudge to the playground on the weekend and she quite liked the baby swings, so we will have to check them out when the rain stops.
I hope you are enjoying both the sunshine and the rain in your life today. We need both, and each one makes the other more appreciated.

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