Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dragon Flies in my kitchen

We met Lorna for lunch last week and she surprised me with a gift of these beautiful Dragon flies.  I just love surprises, don't you?
I thought I would hang them in the porch, but no, that wasn't the right spot for them.  I carried them around the house trying them here and there, and finally settled on the wall just inside the kitchen window.  Then the hunt was on for the proper nails/screws/hooks on which to hang them.  We tried Lowes and Home Depot but they didn't have anything that would do.  I ventured in to Home Hardware today, and the man there said I needed screws and sold me four of the proper size.  I still had my doubts, so poked around the store a bit more, and found just the ticket in a removable little plastic hook that didn't require any huge holes in the wall. 
They seem right at home here just inside the window don't they? 

This is the view of them from the front door.
Thanks Lorna I love them.

Our first picnic of the year with JJ

After a busy morning of gardening,we packed up a picnic lunch, and set off for the park.
JJ helps to carry his lawn chair to the picnic site.
We set up the umbrella for him, but it was a bit too windy for it today, so we put the umbrella away after we took a picture, and enjoyed our sandwiches by the water.
After lunch JJ sat at the water's edge looking for fish and buried treasure.
We saw all sorts of water spiders in the rocks, and very small fish in the river.
He found the perfect rock for a seat, and sat there watching the world pass by with great delight.  At one point he turned around and told me he thought he saw the Big Bad Wolf in the woods on the other side of the river. I just love his imagination.  I think I saw the wolf too.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gardening with Buppa

What a treat to be gifted with some warm sunny weather this week.  It was so nice, that Buppa and JJ gathered up their garden tools, and set off to scatter some grass seed in the back yard.

Because we live in a row of townhouses, we have to access the back yard from an easement along the back fence if we don't want to carry gardening tools through the house. 
The boys set off to do their work..
...with rakes and shovels and a bag of grass seed, they whistle while they work
First of all JJ has to shovel fresh soil around the base of the tree.
Then Buppa levels the area with the rake.
Then they each take a handfull of grass seed...

And they sprinkle it around the base of the tree.
After a thorough watering of the new seed... is time to spread some more soil around while Amma keeps a close eye on things.

Look at this neat bathtub full of stones Amma.  Can I play in it? 
He then asked for some water to wash the stones in, so we filled up the watering can for him, and he walked back and forth washing a kazillion stones, one at a time. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New earrings

When Danica came over the other morning I noticed that she had new earrings in her ears. After I finished doing her hair, she wanted Buppa to take a picture of her new earrings.  They are very tiny, so didn't show up to clearly in this picture. 

She decided that it was time to take more pictures, but she wanted to pose behind the flowers.  Buppa did his best to accommodate her, as you can see in the picture below. 
This was not what she wanted though.  She kept asking him to take more pictures, and wasn't happy with the results until she saw the picture below. 
Now that's behind the flowers. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mothers Day fun

Just found these pics in my draft folder. They are left over from Mother's Day.  Thought they were still worth posting.  Enjoy.
JJ is more than excited
Danica is sure growing up.  Here she is showing me the candle holder she made for Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anniversary weekend - II

Although we do like to pack picnic lunches and suppers, we have been known to dine out too. This is a favorite spot, but we don't allow ourselves to visit this place very often.  On our anniversary weekend though, we splurged and indulged in the most delicious french fries.
They don't have table service at this luxury restaurant, so AC was happy to fill the bill on this afternoon.

MMMMM, fresh crispy fries, with lots of salt and vinegar.  Yum!

Fun at Narrows Lock

AC relaxing by the water while I roamed with the camera.
The sun is getting lower, soon it will be time to move to the other side of the lock for our picnic supper.
AC tried a hand-held camera picture to get us both in the frame.  The angle makes me look like a munchkin doesn't it?
All in all a fun day filled with lots of sunny memories. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anniversary weekend

Yikes, this past weekend we celebrated our 44th Wedding Anniversary.  Hardly seems possible, when I am only 18!  Well, feel 18 inside anyway.

We like to go out for dinner on occasion,  but our favorite thing to do is pack a picnic lunch, load it, the lawn chairs and ourselves into the car, and set off on an adventure to find a road we have never been down before.  What fun to travel down it to discover what awaits at the end of it.

On Saturday the weatherman promised a warm sunny day, so we packed up the car and set off on our adventure.  We found Narrows Lock Road, and discovered a gem at the end of the road.  

We parked the car, set up our lawn chairs and enjoy a marvelous view of Rideau Lake and the song of the Loon.  The sunshine was warm, but there was still a cool breeze coming off the lake, so I wrapped up tight in my shawl, and soaked in the afternoon.

What a glorious way to spend  an afternoon.
AC set up the camera on a tripod so we could  both get in the picture.  Neat huh?
AC wandered off to take pictures from time to time, but I stayed put at the waters edge.
As the afternoon wore on, we moved over to the other side of the lock, and set up our picnic supper on the dock.

Very sunny and a lot warmer on this side of the lock.
It was the perfect spot for our picnic supper though.
And a perfect spot for AC to set up his camera...
Then sit and wait for the perfect picture of the sunset.
It was a beautiful one indeed.

Monday, May 20, 2013

After School Sillies

We don't have a lot of out-door toys at our house, so usually after school I give the kids a snack, and then Buppa takes them home so they can play on their bikes and other riding toys at their house.  Their street is quieter and it is safer for them to ride over there than at our house.

Some afternoons however, they get into things in the garage at our house, and play games with what they find there.  In this picture it is a little step stool. 
I wonder what they are playing.  Perhaps Danica is the captain of a ship and JJ is a passenger.

Next the stool is put beside the car, and another game begins.
Then it is time to march around balancing on the stones outlining the gardens...

....closely check out what is going on in the bird bath...
and then head for home.   Never a dull moment with these two around.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mothers Day Tea at Danica's School

Mommy couldn't get time off work to go to the Mothers Day Tea at Danica's school, so Amma went in her place.  I was thrilled to go, but it was a rather raucous afternoon spent with over-the-hill excited kindergarten children.  I was asked beforehand what I would like to drink lemonade or iced tea.  I voted for iced tea, and I pictured sitting at little tables enjoying a cup of tea and a cookie while a little entertainment was provided.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  It was a chance to see a kindergarten class in action, and participate in a craft with them.  That would have been fun...if...we hadn't had to squeeze into pint sized chairs, around pint sized tables, and deal with glitter glue being spread around by over-enthusiastic children.  What a sticky...glittery...gooey mess I was at the end of that project.

It was a fun and memorable afternoon though, and I was glad I got to stand in for Mommy on such a special day.  
Above and below is Danica with one of her best buddies.  They are a rascally pair at times. 

Little brothers and sister were invited to the party too, and Danica spent a lot of time playing with the babies while Amma sat and watched the antics.
Paper flowers were made for the mother's hair, so I wore mine with pride, but gave it to Mommy at the end of the day.
Dani with another good friend.  Look at the difference in height. 

Working diligently on our craft...a paper butterfly kite.
The finished product shown to another friend.
The three best buddies.
Danica spent most of her time playing with the little brothers and sisters at the party
At the end of the day it was time to go outside and fly the kites.  Danica preferred to play on the equipment though.